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A resident of Wisconsin using CBD and Marijuana illegally for skin cancer

A resident of Wisconsin using CBD and Marijuana illegally for skin cancer

Patty, a Wisconsin resident recently developed a strong and aggressive form of skin cancer. Before being diagnosed with cancer, she was taking heavy-duty prescribed drugs to overcome Crohn’s disease which was a persistent digestive disorder. Her body has been affected by strong medicines that now she believes that it is difficult to fight off cancer. Patty has been working in her father’s restaurant for the past 27 years and does not plan to quit. She agrees that she might not be able to fulfill every duty by the book because she needs help.

In 2017 March, Patty got in touch with her friend based in New Mexico. Her friend mailed her Buddha Tears, which is a cannabis oil product legal in her place to bring some sort of relief in her condition. Patty’s suffering has increased by the day he decided to take the CBD oil every day. Patty started taking a few drops of oil along with smoking marijuana which resulted in an immense improvement in her overall condition.

Patty is aware that she has used an illegal substance and has to smoke every day else she will end up in the washroom. Like Patty, several people are resorting to treating their symptoms with the help of CBD oil. Many cancer patients realized that their chemo after-effects were eased because they combined CBD oil with dog worming tablets. In other severe illnesses like epilepsy, CBD oil-infused drug Epidiolex has been legalized and now distributed in the USA and UK also.

The hemp-extracted CBD oil is still viewed as a stigma and an equal player as marijuana. Despite its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is still restricted in many places chiefly because it lacks evidence. After the farm bill legalized hemp in 2018, a new CBD industry has erupted in many countries that have taken the world by storm.  Unlike Marijuana, CBD still enjoys dominance due to the low levels of THC in it. Marijuana has higher THC which is why it is dangerous and addictive.

In Wisconsin, Patty faces huge troubles as CBD is still illegal in her land. Cannabis is still under the most restricted class of drug which makes it inaccessible and risky to use. Only Epidiolex has been declared as a legal drug to treat epilepsy and seizures. 33 states still prefer that cannabis is legal while others including Wisconsin is yet to give it the legal status. In Wisconsin, several advocates also proposed legalizing it by providing a petition but of no avail. A group of Democratic law generators also came up with a bill in October to decriminalize its possession of less than 28 gm. Influential Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald opposes the situation as of now.

A poll in April conducted by Marquette Law School showed that 83% of the voters wanted it to get legal and be allowed to use it for medical purposes under prescription. The voters seem to be supporting its legality and the legislature has to sit up and take note. Dr. Angela Janis who is the director of psychiatry thinks that at present there is no scientific reasoning that can back up the use of schedule I drugs. Cannabis is still in Schedule I drug in the state. It is not even considered in Schedule II drug which is allowed to use for therapeutic use.

Janis who also works in a medical marijuana company justifies the use of several Schedule II drugs for overcoming obesity, nasal surgery, and other medical benefits. Janis believes that one of the roadblocks to legal status is the lack of scheduling of cannabis under any section in a justified manner. Janis believes that proper scheduling is necessary because organizations can then pour in money to find research.

Many varieties of cannabis are already extensively studied but several other varieties that have medicinal benefits do not yet come under the distinction. The National Institutes of Health are reportedly spending $190 million to research CBD and its elements. Many good effects are already known but others have to be estimated based on the research.

In 2017, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine came up with the most detailed reports on scientific research on the health effects of cannabis and came with about 100 scientifically drawn conclusions. The report found that several conclusions support cannabis for medical use. In another 2017 study by the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews also concluded that cannabis-based drugs are good for pain management.

Keeping in mind the several known effects of Cannabis, there is a continuous plea to remove it from schedule I drug so that more research can be done. Patty is facing a lot of problems because it is not legal and it is difficult for her to source it. She has undergone her 12th surgery and she still has her hopes raised concerning legality of it.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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