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Why extreme cold hurts you and how to stay safe in that weather




According to the reports of National Weather Service, many parts of Minnesota and Dakotas went below -27 degrees F. They further said that this climate can make someone feel very uncomfortable. This extreme cold weather can be very dangerous or even cause death. If you are going out without any precaution then that would not be a good choice, it could lead someone to suffer from severe health issues.

Dr. Jeff Schaider, the chief of emergency medicine at the John H.Stroger Jr. Hospital in Chicago has recently given an interview on All Things Considered and talked about the worst situation which could happen in this ice-freezing cold. He said that he has seen many cases where the patients develop frostbite within 10 to 15 minutes while taking a walk on these extreme temperatures.

Frostbite is an injury caused under extreme cold weather which causes freezing of skin and underlying tissues. In the starting, your skin becomes very cold and red and after that, the skin becomes hard, pale and numb which someone can generally notice in nose, ears, fingers, cheeks and chin area. Frostbite is a mild cold injury which doesn’t cause permanent damage to the skin. Any basic fir-aid measure could help to get rid of that including warming up to the affected area.

Dr. Jeff further added that a brief walk outside the house without any hat can easily give someone frostbite on his uncovered ears or hands. The damaged skin first appears as white in color then it becomes waxy or greyish-yellow. If someone found such symptoms on their skin, then they should call their healthcare provider as soon as possible.

He has also mentioned some of the severe issues that could take place if the treatment is not done in the beginning. He says extreme cold weather could affect the internal body temperature to significantly drop down and led someone to Hypothermia. Initially, if someone is exposed to the cold weather then he or she will start shivering. The shivering can be benefiting someone to keep the body warm but at some point, it reaches the stage of Hypothermia. If hypothermia progressed, the body starts getting colder and mover slower. The mind also becomes slow in the process. And at the end, you can go to coma or even worst situation that is death.

Dr. Jeff says, If you are headed out in a car than pack your additional clothes, blankets, and extra hat and gloves. Some people think driving alcohols is going to make the body warm but anyway if you are exposed to the cold for a longer period the body temperature would begin to drop. So, it’s best to keep warm clothes with you rather keeping a bottle of alcohol.

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