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You Can Now Wear CBD Clothes! CBD-Infused Textiles to Launch in New York in September

CBD-Infused Textiles

Devan Chemicals has launched its Cannabidiol (CBD) fabric treatment in Frankfurt at the Heimtextil 2019 as a part of its R-vital range of microencapsulated active ingredients. The range consists of active substances like Q10, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E with CBD being its latest addition. Only eight months later, the brand has launched its first ever CBD infused product in the market. 

Created in 2019, Acabada ProActiveWear is the world’s first brand to launch CBD-infused activewear, the organization seems committed to creating luxury, innovative apparel for the proactive woman. Conceptualized in New York, and produced in Portugal, Acabada blends luxury fabric with the highest quality of organic CBD, to ensure that women who wear it will look, feel and perform their best. 

Due to the intense and close collaboration between Devan, Acabada and the Portugese production partner, the final goods were on the shelves of stores in less than five months starting from the initial contact. 

Seth Barum, the CEO and Co-founder of Acabada has been working in the textile industry for over 3 decades, and he recognized the positive impact of CBD on inflammation and pain and the fact that top athletes could use the active ingredient as a part of their recovery and training practice. 

Baum gathered experts from the industry and assembled a team of experienced fashion designers including CCO and co-founder Katrina Petrillo, and together they curated a high fashion yet innovative product which is aimed to disrupt the textile and CBD market in one shot. 

Baum said that while the industry is booming with CBD products like tinctures, oils, creams, and edibles, they began to envision a product which addresses the wellness and health of consumers through a different vision. By physically infusing CBD into garments and wearable fabrics, their product stands on line at the intersection of wellness, fitness and fashion. With Acabada ProActiveWear, the recovery process will begin from the moment the user will wear the fabric (outfit) by helping to fight soreness or inflammation and promote faster healing before the first crunch, lunge or even squat. 

Each Acabada ProActiveWear garment includes up to 25 grams of zero-THC, lab-certified, 99.9 percent pure CBD, enabling the advantages to last through 40 wear and wash cycles of high intensity. As clients approach 40 wear and wash, they can choose to recycle their CBD-infused clothing sustainably through the upcycling program of Acabada, where recycled synthetic fabrics will be replenished.

By wrapping microscopic droplets of zero-THC, hemp-derived CBD with a protective layer, CBD molecules are strategically integrated into luxury, high-performance fabrics through a scientific process called microencapsulation. The microcapsules bind to the fibers in the fabric using Devan’s patented textile finishing therapy. 

The microcapsules are strategically placed in the fabric to align with the muscle groups, and they eventually open over time as each layer of the fabric meets with friction from the skin. CBD is released open and absorbed trans-dermally as each capsule breaks open. The CBD then interacts with the body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system) to aid in regulation and reduction of inflammation and pain caused by physical activities. 

Devan has carried out intensive research and put together testing documentation to be able to accomodate burning questions from retailers and brands about their product and the trendy ingredient CBD. Devan is currently operating in close proximity to several brands and retailers to create more CBD based products. 

Many of them are already in the pre-collection and the pre-production stage. The products under development are associated with more recovery- and active-wear and home textiles such as bed sheets, sleepwear and pillows. 

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Fabric application is wildly spreading to the traditional textile producing countries as well such as India, China, Turkey and Portugal. More CBD-infused products are expected to roll out in the retail market in a few months starting with New York Market Week this September. 

Devan Chemicals, a global developer of speciality chemicals for textiles is headquartered at Belgium with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Portugal. The company was launched in 1977 and has had a strong and powerful focus on innovation, sustainability and research & development. 

Devan is also a leading innovation in a gamut of other fields such as performance (odour control & stain release), protection (flame retardants), health & wellness (aromatherapy, R-Vital and allergen control), thermoregulation (PCM’s and cooling technologies such as Moov & Cool) and yarns and fibres (functional masterbatch technologies). 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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