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Washington stand on CBD is replete with confusion about its salability

Washington stand on CBD is replete with confusion about its salability

There is still a whole lot of confusion and turmoil surrounding CBD and its products. Recently the authorities in Washington were sent searching and running down on stores and café that were selling products containing CBD. 

The confusion is just not stopping because CBD has become omnipresent with its presence in sodas, water, lotions and even oils. Until now there have been no legal grounds of allowing or disallowing the usage of CBD infused products yet the state is doing its best to stop the usage as much as its can considering that research is still underway. 

The Farm bill in 2018 declared that hemp is not in the controlled substance list. As a result of this declaration, the market was inundated with hemp related products. CBD also is derived from the Hemp plant yet it doesn’t have a clearance as to whether it still can be used as a legal food additive. 

The treatment to CBD is been done by the authorities because of lack of proper information and guiding light to the ill-effects. In comparison to marijuana, CBD does not have any psychoactive element in it to induce any hyperactive behavior. The THC level in CBD is extremely low and within the permissible standard of not coming under the controlled substance. Medical researchers are underway with some research in order to strengthen the claims made by CBD. 

Amidst the commotion, the Department of Agriculture also implied that it will not be considered illegal to sell CBD infused products outside a state marijuana licensed store. The spokesperson Chris McCann also mentioned that the sweeping activity was done so in order to impart certain boundaries and create an educated awareness among people. 

There are yet clearer terms to be framed with regard to the legalities of CBD usage. The Police have categorically reached out to food distributors and food dealers to stop selling products containing CBD extracts. There is no legal framework for fines, yet the Police want to take a safer stand. 

CBD is increasingly becoming popular in the healthcare industry. It has been touted to be the secret cure to several disorders like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, epilepsy and even Alzheimer’s. Marijuana has been disgraced for its hyperactive reaction but when it comes to CBD, people are assured that it does not have such elements to take you high. 

On the contrary it has been credited to have a lot of benefits which if tapped precisely will lead to answers to the cure of many diseases. CBD unlike Marijuana has less than .0001 % THC components that are responsible for addictions of the higher order. But the implied benefits of the medicine are yet to be finalized in fine print and researchers have now oriented their studies to a more practical aspect of involving humans in it rather than mammals or any animal supported one. 

In Washington, the CBD infused cosmetic oil and lotions are still allowed considering its wider reach. With many states and cities like Washington putting their foot down on the sale of CBD related products, Oregon is stated as the only state off the Pacific coast that is supporting the buying and selling of CBD products. 

Oregon is sticking to the book and the logic that flows with it. It has declared that since hemp is now officially on the list of usable products and CBD is derived from it, there is no reason why CBD infused products should face axe. The State of Oregon is of the opinion that hemp is not a drug, so that also doesn’t make CBD a drug as it is obtained from hemp. CBD is officially allowed in Oregon as it is believed to not contaminate food. 

Consumers too are playing their part by reading up more material on CBD, its benefits and its plausible side-effects if any. The assuring fact is that it is not harmful as marijuana yet it remains to be discovered if CBD has any other constituents which might have a dangerous impact on health and otherwise. 

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With the lifting off the illegal status from hemp, market is overflowing with products that have hemp extracts, yet CBD is still under the scanner. The authorities have become wary of the so-called benefits and believe in taking one step at a time. Yet, the industry is booming like never before, and people are embracing CBD. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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