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Rooted Apothecary issued a warning by FTC and FDA


CBD has won the hearts of one and many. With CBD getting legal after the passage of the farm bill last year, everyone is cashing on the trend of CBD to earn more bucks and laughing their way to banks. Many companies and celebrities have embraced CBD and launched many new products containing CBD to catch the fad. 

But recently a Florida based company situated in Naples was grounded by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC for launching a line of products specifically for babies who are teething and mothers to be. The company called Rooted Apothecary was issued a letter by the commission that collaborated its efforts with FDA mentioning that the company has indeed violated every bit of law. 

They were marketing and trading their products in the name of medical and therapy products without any scientific backing up. CBD till now also does not enjoy the credentials of human-based studies hence according to them promoting the products this way is against the law.

The commission also stated that the intended target user is a vulnerable lot with the lowest immunities. They are at a higher risk of catching up with side-effects that can be adverse. Every infant is different and every child’s reaction to the drug may be different. Some might endure it but might suffer long term consequences or otherwise. 

From the company’s side, no response was recorded. The warning letter was also issued to the Naples Chiropractor Cape Copeland who also did not respond to the continuous request from New Times. No official from the commission could confirm if the company has publicly responded to the commission’s warning letter. 

In the Instagram account of the company, a mother and a toddler are shown joyful and happy. They seem healthy sitting on a couch. Under the picture is the caption “But what about CBD & kids: Is it safe? The short answer is yes! CBD is very safe to use for all ages”

In another post, a mom kissing the feet of the infant speaks about tummy and teething products which are made to calm the pain of the infant that comes with these conditions. New mothers also are suggested in the post to use their hemp oil to reduce stress and anxiety associated with child-birth. 

The claims made by the company are in sync with the overall mood of the nation when it comes to CBD. Extracted and derived from the hemp plant, CBD is an anti-inflammatory substance used by many people in edibles and health care products. Marijuana also the genetic brother of CBD is a banned substance and is different from CBD. CBD has less than 0.03% of THC level which is not so in the case of marijuana. Marijuana has more THC which is why it produces an effect of high when taken. The mind-altering effect is non-existent in the case of CBD. 

The medical world seems wary of CBD because of lack of any evidence but people who are surviving diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s depression, anxiety and insomnia have benefitted in many ways. When hemp was legalised in 2018, FDA later approved the first CBD infused drug called Epidiolex. The intake of the drug proved to be extremely effective in overcoming seizures. Even in the UK, the drug is legal because CBD in combination with other chemicals has proven to be a blessing for epileptic patients. 

Richard Cleland who is the director for advertising communication at the commission could not divulge the exact contents of the letter. He did mention that 4 letters were sent to different CBD companies out of which only one was sent in collaboration with FDA. 

He believes that entrepreneurs are ill-informed about CBD. They all believe that ever since farm bill was passed they started believing that they were free to sell any CBD product without understanding what the laws entail. Most of these companies are small-time entrepreneurs and now FTC has taken upon itself to root out such companies who are misusing and misinterpreting the laws. 

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The letter to the company by FTC and FDA ends by asking the company to correct every violation it has made. If they do not reverse their claims and correct their mistakes the company will then have to suffer repercussions in the form of legal proceedings and court battle which will hamper their company’s progress. They will be slapped a legal notice without any notice, limitation and any seizure or embargo. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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