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Vitamin E considered the culprit behind Cannabis laden vaping products

Vitamin E considered the culprit behind Cannabis laden vaping products

The electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes is a battery-operated device that is used by people to inhale an aerosol containing nicotine. They might resemble the traditional smoke or tobacco products but looks like a USB port or a pen. 

So when the news spread that there have been umpteen respiratory ailments reported amongst people who use these e-cigarettes it is stated to create panic in the state. There have been at least 215 officially reported cases registered in 25 states amongst which close to 40 cases alone have been registered in New York. 

After much investigation, the reason for all the occurrences is pointing towards Vitamin E. The expert health officials claim that Vitamin E is found in great quantity in vaping products that have cannabis-infused in them. 

The high levels of vitamin E found in these vaping products are found to be the cause for the grave health issues concerning lungs and other respiratory disorders. The confidence with which officials are claiming the role of this is because at least one Vitamin E acetate containing the classified vape product was associated with every patient who had given the product for further investigation. 

This statement was made official by the New York State Department for Health. The Health commissioner mentioned that Vitamin E has an amazing set of benefits yet when inhaled as a vaping product can pose severe health consequences. 

He also went on further to say that, out of all the patient’s 13 patients have been detected with extremely high dosages because their inhalation was deep. The cartridges of these patients were investigated meticulously and those cartridges were ridden with more than 50% of the liquid in the vaping format. 

Compared to this, the cartridges with only nicotine was not considered so grave because the authorities are still not clear if the patients inhaled both nicotine and cannabis-based vaping products. The Food and Drug Administration is yet to establish the same because they find it difficult to believe that Vitamin E can cause severe damages.

 Zucker also hasn’t ruled out the role of other factors that might have caused it. With further information dissemination, the relation between the same will be established to assuage further doubts. Michael Felberbaum who is the senior advisor with FDA had mentioned it in his email statement that before zeroing on plausible causes, they will seek further information to guide them. 

He also mentioned that the samples are increasing by the day with more than 100 samples yet to be analysed. These samples are investigated for a range of reasons beginning from Cannabis, THC along with several other diluents and additives, pesticides and toxins. 

For such vaping products, Vitamin E is not approved on the additive list. The vape products approved by the New York medical marijuana program cannot add Vitamin E as an additive. Zucker also confirmed that these cartridges were supposedly purchased illegally and not in medical shops. 

Products linked with Cannabis are still under the scanner of government. Although CBD is a hemp-derived substance, there are yet researches to establish its overall effectiveness. What goes for it is that, as compared to marijuana, it has no anti-inflammatory compounds in it and the THC level is negligible. People have associated CBD with several medical miracles because of its capacity to treat several ailments including stress, anxiety, depression, seizures and serious ailments like cancer and Alzheimer’s.  

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CBD is compared to marijuana yet it has been established that CBD does not have any constituent in it that might influence the user to become an addict. People and the medical world are vouching for their benefits. The claims made by CBD are still under research but people are surely hoping that it comes out the victor. 

Considering these vaping products that have cannabis along with vaping, it is hard to establish probable cause. But, the authorities are exceedingly vigilant and requesting every user of such vaping product to report any symptom that is considered atypical. Zucker has created a contingency plan to deal with any such public health emergency that might come as a result of such vaping products. 

He has also requested people not to go for cheap and off the street vaping products because most of the cases that have been reported were due to such products. These products are not regulated and might result in inhalation of harmful substances that they might contain. 

Official reports from the Oregon State have also reported that a middle-aged adult succumbed to the respiratory disorder had used a cannabis product purchased from a legal marijuana store. Later in August, the second case of death was reported and as of now, both the matters are under investigation. 

Although CBD and Cannabis are seeing a new light in the wake of its benefits, yet these Vaping products with cannabis are considered dangerous. Seeing the medical situation enveloping the state, the cause for concern is genuine and calls for strict vigilance. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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