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Alfie’s mother Victoria has experienced immense relief seeing her son benefit from CBD oil

Alfie’s mother Victoria has experienced immense relief seeing her son benefit from CBD oil

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Many companies all across the world have undertaken studies on the healing powers of CBD. New research studies are underway because the position of CBD is yet not clear to the government and people. 

CBD is a plant extracted compound that has anti-inflammatory properties. This hemp extract ingredient has found its way into many industries including medical and wellness industries. The THC level in CBD is below 0.3% which is considered well within the industry standards. Marijuana also is extracted from the hemp plant but its THC levels are way higher making it an intoxicating element. The effect that marijuana produces on addicts is horrible considering people find it very difficult to withdraw from it. 

CBD is misinterpreted but people have found the difference in their conditions. One such case is a mother from Thetford who has seen a major difference in the condition of her Autistic son which has revived the meaning of family in real terms.

Alfie Mc Grath, son of Victoria Adlam has autism. The amount of stress and anxiety that he suffers especially among several people is hard to imagine. The 9-year-old has to put up with a lot of nervous tension he experiences in a social setting. As he grew, so did his conditions which got converted into breakdowns. These breakdowns became uncontrollable. 

The mother remembers that when Alfie started with his primary school at the Pod unit of Drake Primary school, it was a difficult journey. He did not like anything about the place and his stress grew at a big-time high. It was the time when he started refusing to go to the school that the parents realised what he must be going through. 

She also spoke about how Alfie would bang his head on glass doors and became excessively violent. For parents to envision such a spectacle and seeing their son suffer was the most heart-breaking sights for the parents. If they tried stopping him from his violent streaks, he would hit his mother. They had never been so low and depressed in their lives before. 

Alfie’s parents did everything they could to tackle it. They reached out to doctors, consultants and even charities and explained their case to them. 

After repeated requests, it was Jamie Jarrett who is Alfie’s Godfather and also the co-owner of cbDNA in Thetford. He suggested the family switch over to CBD based products for his anxiety issues. The couple also had heard quite a lot about CBD but did not have the proper information. 

CBD’s research attempts are still at its nascent stage. Although lots of resources have now been allocated, people need more results to pin benefits onto it. Up to now, CBD has been effective in treating patients with severe seizures in cases of epilepsy. Patients have also seen the difference in their joint pains, cancer, depression, anxiety and Alzheimer’s.  

Alfie’s mother was unsure at first but she endeavored to look out more information. After much thought, they purchased CBD oil which could be sprayed under the tongue. The spray was sourced from Holland and Barrett and was not considered very strong. With continuous usage, she noticed that Alfie was becoming calmer at night. The product that Jamie recommended was a tad stronger than this.

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The parents found immense relief when Alfie also started sleeping throughout the night. He also was going to school. His studies and reading improved immensely. Earlier his anger was uncontrollable but after taking this, his anger became controlled and his life started becoming better each day. 

In one of the latest documentaries, Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, Sir Norman Lamb, went to Canada to see the wonders cannabis oil and has also pronounced the need for legalizing CBD oil in the truest form.

He also said that people who have done their research and experienced the advantages of CBD are talking preaching about CBD. Several people with different cases are coming ahead with their share of the benefits they had experienced. Victoria has finally seen some sunshine in her life after months of storm and struggle. She is happy that the product is working on her son. The turnaround has let her think that now she has nothing to fear from CBD. 

CBD only needs sufficient research to back its claims. Perhaps even the government is waiting for credible evidence supporting the case of CBD. The confusion can get cleared once the experts also agree in unison. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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