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Vaping product smoked by a second grader causes alarm in the school

Vaping product smoked by a second grader causes alarm in school

Vaping products in the market are both legitimate and illegitimate. The illegitimate vaping product dealers sell these products that contain higher and alarming levels of the psychoactive compound. Many states and districts have reported several cases of patients reported for suffering from respiratory issues. The exact reason for the illness has yet not been confirmed but many experts are claiming that all the patients can be related to a common ground and that is vaping. A few heads of the government also have been alerted by the situation and the need to cope with it. 

Many states have also temporarily banned the products. The key is to wipe out the black market which does not follow product protocols. Due to the menace of such products, the legal vaping products also had to suffer because of fear instilled in the minds of people. 

Recently to everyone’s dismay and shock, a second-grade student of Wisconsin elementary school was caught red-handed by the authority’s vaping when the class was going on. The first report of the news was given by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report which informed that the incident took place on 8th of October. The case came as a surprise because a second grader is too young even to understand what a vaping product is. 

Immediately after the incident was reported the Child protective services took away the child to conduct examinations. The reports were OK for the child and Police to have been notified of the details. This comes as a shocker to the school authorities who try to guard every child against unsafe incidences and objects. The Police also contacted the mother who in turn informed that she usually kept the Vaping device in her bag. The device had CBD oil in it. 

The school is clear about protecting its students from such products. As of now, there is an inherent fear in the minds of people concerning any product related to CBD oil. As of now, very little research is found that can justify the intake of CBD oil. It is incumbent on the school authorities to ensure that every student is safe and is kept away from any substance that might harm them. The veracity of the substance has also not been scientifically been established. 

As of now, no charges have been filed and the situation is been dealt with extreme caution. Everyone around is aware that CBD has picked momentum in a big way. CBD is ubiquitous in the market today with its presence in edible and non-edible things. The information in hand is very limited but CBD and Cannabis have been around now for thousands of years. It is derived from the hemp plant and is not flammable. Its properties do not contain THC in abundance and the use of it does not create a sense of euphoria when taken. 

Many people have been wary of the substance because of the nature of CBD. CBD is also extracted from Marijuana which is in turn extracted from Cannabis Sativa. But CBD found on the upper parts of the plant has less than 0.3% THC which is the acceptable limit. Marijuana has higher portions of THC or the psychoactive compound which produces an intoxicating effect on the users. It also results in addiction which is hard to overcome if taken regularly. 

CBD also has made quite a name for itself in the medicine industry. Many people are using it for different disorders and are finding it highly favourable. Some time ago Epidiolex which is a CBD infused drug was made legal for the treatment of a different kind of epilepsy. CBD oil and chemical formulations in the drug helped patients lessen their suffering and reduced their seizures. Apart from this many people suffering from pains in joints and muscles have realised the difference. A lot of others have got a new lease of life with the effects of CBD oil in their routine medication. 

What comes as a surprise, in this case, is how the kid managed to source the vaping product from the mother’s purse. They might not even know if the product is harmful but yet, they are curious to use it because they have seen their parents use it. The market currently is swamped with several vaping products and it is hard to understand which are real and which are not. It is always better to go with reliable vaping agents who know the formulation in and out. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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