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Lung diseases and death might give vaping products a tough time

Lung diseases and death might give vaping products a tough time

The biggest obstacle to the rise and rise of Marijuana associated vaping products is currently facing the danger of health issues and risks. Vaping products were selling like hotcakes which gave fire to the already hot marijuana pot market. 

But the popularity of these vaping products powered by pot is about to take a thud on the ground. Many sources have confirmed that these vaping products are directly proportional to mysterious lung disorders that are erupting in different parts of the country. 

Upon further investigations, these ailments have been linked to vaping products containing THC. Now, this is a dangerous finding because THC is the psychoactive compound that is found in abundance in Marijuana. This psychoactive compound is responsible for mind-altering effects which are not so in the case of CBD. 

Ever since the information has made rounds the sale of vaping products have taken a hit. The largest producer of edibles and vaping products in Nevada owned by Cannabis One also is facing the heat of slowing demand. 

The slowdown has been felt in the market owing to the information dissemination about these lung ailments. Cannabis One CEO Jeff Mascio also has confirmed the downtrend in the sale of vaping products. In such cases, even the genuine vaping products containing no pot also suffer mainly because of the bad name created. 

There is a lot of difference between marijuana and CBD which is often misunderstood by people. Both are extracted from the hemp plant and are from the Cannabis Sativa family but the difference is in the levels of THC found in the plant. 

In marijuana, the THC level is extremely high and that is primarily the reason for addiction. CBD has less than 0.3% of THC psychoactive compound which is within the safer limits. CBD has proven to be a wonderful component in the health care industry. It also has several anti-inflammatory properties that make it a preferred choice. 

Mascio has said that the conclusions are drawn too fast without much thought given to it. The company’s vaping products have taken a hit especially after the occurrence of 8 deaths. But Mascio believes that despite vaping products attracting all the wrong attention, people are still moving to edibles and flower products. 

The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed 530 lung-related illness and 8 deaths all which have been deliberated along with these vaping products. Based on this alarming data, FDA also ordered a criminal examination wherein it was targeting the supply chains of the companies as well as evaluating the ingredients that go into the making of E-cigarettes and other vaping products. 

Before this issue, a large chunk of marijuana sale was due to vaping pens that used electronically heated marijuana oils. This figure represented about 23.8 % of marijuana sale in a data analysis given by Headset analytics. 

But after the crisis, trends have taken the southern direction. In California, alone vaping products have lost 4.2% of the market. In Nevada and Washington State the downturn in the sale was 4.6% and 3.2% respectively.

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The sales of cannabis oil pods that are used with vaping pens also have taken the hit. According to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, the revenues generated from the sale of oil pods had reduced by 24% which is very significant. 

The founder of Green flower media which is a famous educational resource for Cannabis, Max Simon believes that it is due to the bad press that the cannabis industry is suffering. CBD has become an important part of the health care industry. 

With several medical companies wanting to use CBD oil in their medications, we still await the back-up study research on CBD and its benefits. But, CBD has been effective in easing of the symptoms of epilepsy and seizures which no medicine or treatment has been able to achieve. Apart from that, it also has been quite effective in the treatment of joint pains, injury bruise recovery, depression, cancer and Alzheimer’s. 

The current crisis is making everyone notice it. People are restraining themselves from using vaping products and that has affected its sale. The “Starbucks of the Cannabis world”, Desert Hot springs also are suffering. The once leading cannabis place has been talking about how its sale is plunging. 

But this might be temporary phenomena because general trends see only a minor twitch in sales. They assure that overall sale is stable and none of this can have any major impact on the overall sales. Cannabis One CEO is confident that it will not hurt them in the long run and things will be back to normal. But for now, Cannabis one shares has decreased by 5.8% bringing its price down to 25 cents per share. 

CBD oil or cannabinol is stated to be the next big thing. People now have belief in the working of CBD and are researching it. Only time will tell if the promise of CBD holds well in the long run.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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