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Vaping causes a near-death experience to Benjamin Camarillo

Vaping causes a near-death experience

Vaping is the inhaling and exhaling of vapour produced by a device or more popularly called E-cigarettes. Vaping is slightly different from the usual cigarettes because they do not produce tobacco smoke. They produce tiny particles which we call aerosol. 

Many imply that these particles are extremely toxic because they cause cancer and respiratory diseases. Vaping is becoming extremely popular and now they are not just in the form of E-cigarettes but also in the form of vape pens. 

Recently a person is thanking God that he is alive because he nearly experienced death due to vaping. The contagion of diseases related to vaping has increased sharply with about 500 cases getting registered in the country. Out of the registered cases 11 people have been reported to be dead. These deaths have been related to death due to vaping products which have made the Federal Government sit up and notice. 

Vaping products were legalised in the US in the year 2007 but ever since there has been a barrage of vaping products that have flooded the market. The White House now has decided to build a policy structure that will ban the entourage of flavoured vaping products. The policy, though, might not be receiving the reception it intends to and will surely be up for debate. 

The patient Benjamin Camarillo began facing troubles with breathing and a sense of heaviness. He decided to visit the hospital doubting it is Pneumonia. When he reached the hospital he took a few tests with CAT scan and his health further sank. When the reports came out it was revealed that his lungs were choked and congested. 

When the report came in, he understood that his congested lungs were a result of vaping. He revealed that he vaped both THC and nicotine flavoured products. He was so addicted to it that every time there was a new product in the market he would go and buy it. He also became secretive about the products he used. He was under the assumption that vaping would be safe for him to use but little did he know that it will come to this. 

But, now the government is getting stern and is pondering on banning all products related to vaping. Chris Goodwin, the owner of 806 Vapes believes it is not the right way to deal with the situation. He said that in the market there are many vaping products and e-cigarettes is just one of them. Consumers are also using vaping items containing cannabis containing Vitamin E Acetate. He believes that flavoured nicotine is not causing this issue, but rather it is due to the Vitamin E Acetate which clings to the lungs. 

CBD does offer a wide range of vaping products but it has a bright future. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and has anti-inflammatory properties. The cannabis Sativa plant produces both hemp and marijuana. In the upper portions where THC is found in negligible quantity, CBD is produced, whereas, in the innermost portions, where THC is high, we can find marijuana. CBD, when taken gives a better feeling rather than feeling high. 

CBD also offers a lot of medical benefits to people suffering from different ailments. It works on skin problems like acne and also makes you less nauseated. When taken in higher dosages it is also effective for epilepsy and seizures. Based on research studies, CBD will have a larger role to play in the healthcare industry. 

Mark Stigler who was the consulting pulmonologist, in this case, mentioned that Amarillo has reported several cases related to vaping although confirmation is still pending. The problem is that there is no way to determine if the condition was due to vaping. The regulation business now has to be serious because the government should decide which products to keep and which ones to let go. The doctor also said that it could be anything from THC to cannabis oil, but no one can determine. 

New policies are required so that fake vaping devices with wrong specifications can be ousted from the market. The illnesses that are caused due to vaping have no fixed treatment procedure as the disease is still in its nascent stage. The case of Benjamin Camarillo should be an eye-opener to everyone who uses vaping products. He is now finding it hard to cover his house expenses after medical bills. 

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The onus is now on the government to bring in regulations and catch hold of those manufacturers who do not specify the right amount of THC. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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