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UK welcomes first medical cannabis clinic




Medical Marijuana

Britain had legalised cannabis last year but ever since things have been slow for CBD patients. The cannabis treatments of just four patients was seen as successful.

What the clinic will treat?

Earlier this week, the country had launched the first private clinic to deliver these treatments, in Manchester under the Beeches Consulting Centre. The facility will manage patients suffering from various issues that are categorised as chronic pain conditions. This includes depression, PTSD, anxiety, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

The facility will be led by independent pain specialist, Dr David McDowell, and Professor Mike Barnes, a consultant neurologist.

Private investment group, European Cannabis Holdings, the main authority behind the building of this new clinic, said in a statement that legalising prescription cannabis has made patients hopeful. The group also said that the next step was to ensure that medical cannabis was available for those who lack any alternative treatment options.

This is a pioneering clinic that can help the UK in tackling the conditions that are debilitating and chronic.

Two more clinics will be opening up soon, in Birmingham and London.European Cannabis Holdings say that the reason for such a low number of successful cases can be traced down to the highly restrictive guidelines. But, with time, patience, and adequate funding, the ECH should be able to build a network of such clinics.

The story behind the legalisation!

The request to legalise cannabis came from the people. A mother of two, both of whose sons were suffering from epilepsy, relied on CBD Oil to control their seizures. She had personally requested the Home Office to legalise CBD, so it would be easier for her to source it.

Owing to her and others request, Britain had legalised some forms of medical cannabis products. Following that, they had also launched a government review. This brought forward evidence establishing the therapeutic benefits that marijuana has.

How will this benefit the medical field?

According to guidelines set down by National Health Services,  specialist practitioners will now be able to prescribe CBD products once they have established the prerequisites. They practitioners might even be able to prescribe CBD,even if the clinical requirements aren’t being fulfilled by the licensed medicines or if the established treatments are limited.

Medical Cannabis Clinics’ Clinical Director, Professor Barnes said that the clinics do require a framework that streamlines the access to treatments designed for various illnesses and eventually bring the UK up to speed with other nations in terms of pain management.

McDowell was the first to issue medical cannabis prescription to a South London Open University student called Forzana Nasir. Nasir suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic condition that leaves her in lots of pain, in addition to vomiting and nausea. After starting with cannabis, the number of medications needed to treat her conditions have been reduced from 13 to three.

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