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Texas is removing hemp from the list of controlled substances on April 5

Hemp seed

In a week from now, hemp will no longer be labelled under a controlled substance in Texas. But the state legislature still have some apprehensions regarding the production of hemp which needs to be cleared up.

“Every day it seems like more and more people are coming through this door saying, ‘I’m curious about CBD,’” said Haley Baros, store manager at SunUp CBD.

“The three main benefits that we hear our customers using CBD for are they’re looking for relief with stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation or to help regulate sleep,” Baros added.

Opening up a shop for CBD products has been a little risky in Texas given the scenario of the legislature and its holding decisions regarding cannabis legalization and distribution to the consumer market openly.

Jax Finkel, executive director of Texas National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws said, “They’ve been operating in kind of a legal grey area. This pushes us towards clearing it up”.

With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, the federal government removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and now Texas is being seen to comply with the same law.

Finkel says that legalization of CBD is a ray of hope for better treatments for patients who are suffering from pain, stress, anxiety issues, and even cancer for that matter. With the government accepting and changing laws in favour of cannabis legalization, it will now become simpler for people to possess and sell CBD. You will not get prosecuted or arrested if the CBD that you possess is not properly approved or sanctioned, you would have to go through a regular process just like any other business that would have an issue like this.

Nonetheless, there are a handful number of things that needs to be clarified from the Texas legislature like labelling and testing of products, whether CBD will be approved for ingestible purposes by the Food and Drug Administration.

“If someone thinks they’re getting one thing, that should be what they’re getting,” said Finkel. “It can be confusing. Hemp’s been declassified, yet it’s still kind of restricted because the 2018 hemp bill says you have to grow under a state sanctioned program. We don’t have that,” added Finkel.

Providers like SunUp CBD said that removing hemp from the list of controlled substance is a step in the right direction. Baros says that the CBD legalization will potentially benefit their customers more and will render them an easier access to CBD. He further added that a lot of new companies will pop up in the cannabis industry, but it boils down to the customers ultimately getting easier and simpler access to CBD.

The Texas Compassionate Use Act allows people with intractable epilepsy to legally use medical marijuana if they meet certain qualifications. The law only allows oil that has high concentrations of CBD with no or negligible THC present in it to prevent any psychoactive effects.

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Compassionate Cultivation CEO, Morris Denton said that it’s quite evident with the rapid explosion and proliferation of CBD stores that citizens of Texas want access to the product. However, unfortunately, many Texans do not have proper understanding of the quality of CBD based products which is why they are purchasing products that are of unknown quality with unstable potency. He further added, “It’s time Texas creates and puts in place clear, understandable and enforceable laws that regulate this product in order to ensure the health and safety of Texans”.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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