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Texas Department for Public Health safety not clarifying the temporary suspension of permits

CBD oil in Texas

There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding CBD currently. Many people want to embrace CBD but due to lack of information, many people are not accepting it fully. The main reason for this could be the lack of information about the subject matter. There is also a lot of misconception that is floating around about CBD and that is making people back out from trial also. 

CBD is a substance that is extracted from the Indian hemp plant which in turn is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Marijuana along with hemp comes from the same background, but Marijuana is different from CBD. The main differentiating factor is the presence of THC, the psychoactive compound which in CBD is less than 0.3%. CBD also is considered anti-inflammatory and helps the person get better rather than high. Continuous smoking of pot or weed will result in addiction for marijuana and also produce a mind-altering effect. Such is not the case with CBD.

Recently the Texas department of public safety gave the option to apply for licenses for medical cannabis dispensaries. Many people were planning to apply for the permit in the texas department of public safety with the announcement. But, the department backed out without any pre-warning and has left the process undecided as of now. 

The announcement came a month after the department’s compassionate use program had announced on its website that it is inviting applications. But, a sudden announcement has come after a month on the website that they were not accepting the application for permits. Earlier the application process was to be retained for 1 month from 1st October to 1’st November.

This move was unexpected and came as a shocker especially to the various advocacy groups. These groups were looking forward to moving on the spreading out of medical cannabis. This was taken to be easier after the legislature increased the list of conditions which came under the conditions for medicine under the Compassionate use program. This included any seizure disorders, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS; terminal cancer and autism. Earlier CBD infused drugs were only available for those who were suffering from intractable epilepsy. 

CBD has helped many patients recover from several ailments. The biggest example is epilepsy where Epidiolex has reduced the seizures and has helped patients lead a normal life. Patients suffering from emotional distress, depression and stress also have experienced a lot of relief in their conditions. It has also helped several cancer patients and made their suffering less. Apart from these, joint pain conditions, injury recuperation and Alzheimer’s patients also have benefitted in big ways.

DPS did not explain why the agency stopped accepting applications.

The department has not given any logical reason for the cancellation. One of the spokesperson through an email was recorded as saying that the department will gauge the capacity requirements of dispensaries in addition to the requirement for additional licenses. They will also inculcate any extra legislative transitions in the program. 

The window for accepting proposals was kept for one month. With the announcement came several companies who were genuinely interested and a total of 43 applicants had applied for preliminary licenses in the form of dispensing organisations in 2017. Out of them on three were accepted as per the mandate by law. The accepted companies were Surterra Texas, Consortium Texas and Compassionate Cultivation.

The executive director of Texas NORML has expressed his disappointment because he feels that many people who are suffering were enthusiastic about price shopping because more licenses were to get approved. 

If more licenses are issued then CBD oil and marijuana oil could be covered by the insurance of Medicare. Due to this patients shell out thousands in dollars to getting the product and the treatment done.

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Finkel mentioned that it is rather intriguing why the suspension happened. The communication also was not clear. The state representative Stephanie Klick, who also was at the forefront of the last session for expansion of compassionate use act, said that this is just a temporary phenomenon.

This year in September the Texas State health services also had a hearing for determining incurable neurodegenerative disorders that can come under medicines for the new bill. These conditions first needed to be determined and only then the appropriate decision could be taken. This process could take a few months to take place. This could be the reason why applications have been refuted. 

Klick has asked people to stay there and wait because it is a temporary glitch. Once the conditions are known, they will know which conditions are apt to also be included in the list.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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