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Tanya Bradsley launches her own CBD oil and stands by the benefit it gives

Tanya Bradsley launches her own CBD oil

Little did we know that Tanya Bradsley was in the business of selling CBD oil because we know her more as the star of ‘The real housewives of Cheshire’. But of late she has also started selling cannabis oil. 

The Cannabis oil sold by her is promoted as a food supplement and sold at 29 pounds. Usually, CBD is derivable both from the hemp plant as well as marijuana, but in this case, it is derived from that part of the cannabis which has little of THC, the psychoactive element in the substance. This is why the person taking it will not experience any feeling of high. 

In the United Kingdom, CBD oil has been given the status of legality since 2018. The conditions that govern the legality is that it should not contain more than 0.3 % THC and is not advertised as a product that provides benefits medically. 

CBD oil derived from the active ingredient Cannabidiol currently faces a mixture of the regulated and unregulated market which has confused the customers’ big time. CBD, as mentioned earlier, is extracted from the hemp plant and is anti-inflammatory. Contrasting marijuana, it has less than 0.3% of THC that does not alter the mind of the individual when taken. Marijuana contains in abundance this active compound that results in mind-alteration and addiction. 

The information made available to people currently does not satisfy them because of different laws. Also, there is a lot of comparisons made between CBD and Marijuana, which in reality are different. But among the people who stand by it, Tanya Bradsley also stands tall. She was asked to start using the oil after she suffered major injuries after her riding accident. 

After she recovered like magic, thanks to the power of CBD oil, she has now started her store Tanya Bardo Boutique in Wilmslow. The products will also be available online. The product description also is very clear considering laws require products to be. It read, “The oil contains good quality 5% CBD oil that contains 500 mg of pure CO2 extracted CBD in 10 ml of organic hemp oil.”

The product also clearly tells that she operates on a very low THC level. They purify and treat the product in a manner so that the THC goes to less than 0.2% and in most cases it is zilch. On the website, the method of taking oil also is very clear which mentions that the user has to pour a few drops of CBD oil on the tongue and hold it for 60 seconds, then swallow it. The per-day intake should not be more than 4 ml which is sufficient for the case. 

Her tryst with CBD came immediately after she suffered a major accident while she was shooting for a show and riding on a horse for that. She was filming a show called ‘celebs on the ranch’ which required her to sit on the horse. But, the entire thing went haywire when the aggravated horse just threw her off its back and she fell. She was then taken to the hospital and felt extremely terrified of what happened to her. She suffered cracks and fractures which the CBD oil helped in recovering soon. It also helped her cope up with the mental depression she faced after the accident. 

CBD is considered very good for injury recuperation. With its unique properties, it helps in patients recovering fast from the injury as well the pain. In the past, people have also experienced the difference in their conditions about several problems like Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, epilepsy and clinical depression. To Tanya also CBD came as the miracle drug which helped her recover soon.  She did not opt to tale any painkillers because it made her sleepy. Rather taking CBD has helped her recover faster than she thought and made her happier. 

The presenter of the show “Jenny Powell” also advocated the use CBD which has also helped her recover from the excruciating migraine pain. CBD has helped her get anxiety-free which has helped her focus on work. 

The legal cannabis market is at its nascent stage. People are still selling CBD products claiming it as less than 0.3% CBD but many times have more than 0.3%. The laws also are jostled because sometimes it is ok to have it, and the next moment you realise you are being raided upon. But bigger players and retailers like Boots and Holland and Barrett who sell CBD oil mention that it is perfectly ok to do so as long as it is within the permissible threshold of THC.

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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