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Super-wealthy investors investing in Cannabis this year

The super or ultra-wealthy investors of the world are going to change their portfolios in this year of 2019. They are reducing the investment capital for long term investments and looking for a short one which will benefit them with maximum profits.

Mr. Michael Sonnenfeldt who founded the Investment Club Tiger 21 spoke about the new strategic plan of the investors’ fraternity. The lenders are going to decrease their equity exposure and increase the cash holding.

He further added that government policy is uncertain. There are many mistakes which people often do in the field of share market which has to list in prior cares. This would alert the investors and could reduce the risk factor. Adding to these he especially talked about the growing trend which is hopping abroad, that is Cannabis.

Well, Cannabis has given a hike to the share market after its legalization in Canada for its recreational use. Many countries termed marijuana as illegal including the U.S, but many states of it have legalized it when it’s come to medical use or recreation. The Canadian pot company Tiltray which is a new entry in Nasdaq and Canopy Growth has touched unconventional heights of success.

Sonnenfeldt explained that to grow cannabis you only need either a land or a factory or any company and then, of course, the public market is yours. All these factors mentioned by Sonnenfeldt are some of the major reasons attracting the barons to invest in cannabis.

There is another market where the wealthy are investing that is Gold market. This precious metal market is always counted on a long run for the investors for years but prices are hitting the heights for the last eight months. Adding to this, there is no new gold supply for the last eight years. This is diverting the investors to think of any other alternative stock market which could be volatile in nature and cannabis is topping in the list.

The Tiger club members are channelizing their investments towards cannabis market but they are also worried about the US deficit or trillions. The 1 trillion dollar deficit is a huge obstacle in the U.S economy. The experts of the market are assuming the U.S to hit a milestone by 2022 but this deficit could affect the process drastically. However the rich are looking beyond the public equities when it comes to cannabis. They said that it could be a masterstroke investment to cover all these deficits and earn a large payback.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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