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Snoop Dog gifted 48 joints on his birthday

Snoop Dog gifted 48 joints on his birthday

We are aware of how Snoop Dog can be adjudicated as the biggest CBD fan ever. He is seen posting videos and images that talk at length about his love for the hemp-extracted product. So, recently when the legend performer with quite a few hits under his belt turned 48, his friends knew what to give him exactly.

The newly turned 48, Snoop Dog received a large bouquet containing flowers topped with 48 cannabis joints! The legend was taken aback with the gesture of his friends and loved his birthday gift. The flower bouquet was designed by Leslie K Monroy, who is a popular flower craftsman from Flowers on Flowers. She mentioned that the staff of Snoop’s cannabis business contacted her after seeing her craftsmanship. They were certain that they had to source it from her considering her rich history.

A few details of the bouquet also were revealed which had 24 joints filled with Indica and the other 24 filled with Sativa. The bouquet also had small-sized weed clones and 8 tall clones which were also spread, and that also which added to the beauty of the arrangement.

For those who have little information on CBD and joints, CBD and marijuana are both from the Cannabis Sativa family. CBD is in turn extracted from the top portions of the hemp plant and is anti-inflammatory. CBD has been a lifesaver ingredient for many people and due to THC levels of 0.3%, its use for medicinal value is gaining popularity. Marijuana is more addictive and produces a sense of euphoria when taken. It also is extracted from the same plant as hemp but has more THC levels.

Snoop has never shied away from showing his love for smoke and joints. He also has employed a ‘blunt roller’ who is vested with the duty to supply him and his troupe with unlimited puffs. On the Howard Stern Show, he was seen talking about his blunt roller and that the blunt roller gets paid anywhere between $40,000 to $50,000 per year to do this work. Popular comedian Seth Rogen has witnessed the employee in action vouch for how sincerely he commits the tasks. Snoop also jokes when he says that his blunt roller is very smart and just has to look at the face to judge if he needs a joint or not.

In fact when asked what exactly a blunt roller does, to which Snoop Dog mentions that he is the one who rolls the joints for maximum pleasure and output.

Although Snoop’s use of the substance is pure pleasure, CBD is known to give a lot of people relief from various symptoms they suffer from. Very recently the UK government and FDA also legalised Epidiolex, a CBD infused drug for severe cases of epilepsy. Many such cases sprang up where the number of seizures in a day became uncontrollable. The result was that this CBD infused drug worked like a miracle and reduced the number of seizures to zilch in many cases.

Recently we also came to know about a few people who extended their lives while suffering from cancer due to CBD. Although there is no direct scientific evidence related to this, yet people truly have expressed how CBD had helped them fight the causes. Depression too has been treated effectively with CBD and its infused products.

CBD and marijuana have often been equalized and this is where people lack necessary information. CBD has no intoxicating effect and neither does it result in feeling high. It has THC in limited quantities, but the continuous intake of THC related CBD can result in a failed drug test. None of the organisations nor labs has any scope of finding the source of excessive THC. Hence it is always advisable that if the drug test date is known, the person stops taking any CBD related products at least 1 week before the test.

It is also advisable that the person enquires well before buying the product off the shelf. There are many products in the market who either resort to false labelling or no labelling. Hence CBD products must be sourced only from reliable retailers who have their products well-labelled. It is also very important to research at your end before deciding to take the product.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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