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Snoop Dog and Lynyrd and Skynyrd were seen smoking weed with their band of musicians

Snoop Dog and Lynyrd and Skynyrd seen smoking weed with their band of musicians

Snoop Dog is perhaps the biggest cannabis lover on Earth. He has always been outspoken and open about his love for cannabis and often posts innumerable photos on Instagram smoking weed. The famous rapper and hip hop specialist have been tantamount with marijuana since his debut album in 1993. The songs Gin use and Lodi Dodi glorified the use of drugs. 

He has been associated with smoking weed and pot for a very long time now. And recently he took to Instagram and shared photos of smoking weed with classic rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd. The caption of the pictures and videos read as “When the pimp’s in the crib ma, drop it like it’s hot. Nothing like a smoke break”. 

Marijuana has been enlisted as a controlled substance in many countries. Smoking of marijuana in the form of pot and weed becomes addictive after a certain point of time. Coming from the same plant family is CBD which is considered to be the heredity brother of marijuana. CBD is not addictive, rather it is anti-inflammatory. 

The THC levels in both are the biggest differentiating factor between the two. The main reason for the intoxicating effect of marijuana is the presence of THC in abundance. It becomes very difficult to come out of the addiction because it gives the feeling of high.

The two had become close at an event that was conducted in San Jose. In the picture, Snoop Dog is shown giving out a blunt to Skynyrd co-founder Gary Rossington. 

He is also shown hamming it up with the other members of the band and enjoying. Skynyrd has also loved the experience of sharing moments with the band and Snoop Dog. The musicians also had a gala time with them posing with blunt and smiles. The band had posted on Instagram with the hashtag #itslegalhere. This was mainly for those who might denounce their action as something unacceptable.

CBD has been confused with marijuana by people mainly due to lack of information. Many celebrities have embraced CBD in a big manner. Despite being around for more than 1000 years CBD and hemp have been feared by many people mainly due to the THC levels. Marijuana also can derive CBD but when CBD products are sold in the market, many times the retailers fail to divulge the right details about the product and the THC levels.

Very recently a lot has been heard about hazardous vaping products that have taken a toll on people’s health. Many people have reported ill after vaping, yet solid connection has not yet been established. States wanting to know the exact reason for respiratory diseases, have taken to temporary banning vaping for common good. The exposure of CBD and marijuana has become rampant, but regulations concerning CBD are not to the point. 

A lot of confusion persists even today despite hemp plant with permissible THC levels becoming legal. In addition to the confusion, each state has its separate law and there is no common parameter binding the protocols. 

Despite the brouhaha and flak surrounding CBD, it has helped many individuals to recover medically. Recently Epidiolex which has CBD component in it was made legal to treat a rare epilepsy disorder. The seizures in this condition were so repetitive that it became difficult for the patients to lead a normal life. After taking Epidiolex the seizures magically stopped to one or none a day. Patients are now seizure-free and can carry out their routine activities. 

Not just seizures, Arthritis association also seems to have formed a certain level of trust in CBD. They have requested the government to set aside funds to source research on how effective CBD oil is for treating joint pains. 

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Many people have found relief in their joint pains. Sportspersons are also advocating the use of CBD oil for conditions relating to pain and stress management. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression and injury recovery also have received CBD well.

But, until everything is on paper it will be really difficult for people to trust it completely. All the claims cannot be backed by scientific evidence because there aren’t any. Many celebrities and top personalities have shown immense interest in CBD related ventures and have invested their time and effort into it. The growth of the CBD industry has been multiplying every single year and by banning or restricting it, the potential benefits are going unnoticed. 

It is now reliant on the government to invest funds and call for more research.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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