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Hours after their PDA Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro gets arrested for domestic violence charges





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At a CBD launch party of VERGE held in West Hollywood, Ronnie Ortiz – Magro and Jen Harley showed quite the love and affection they share in public sight. This happened at the party but hours after this public display of affection there was followed by a bitter physical fight between the two. Their relationship has often been in doldrums having its ups and downs. 

So, when recently the news took rounds that they have been involved in a physical squabble they were at the launch part of VERGE which is their CBD business. The couple like many other celebrities have been impressed by the way CBD had taken the market by storm. CBD is used not just in edibles like gummies but the medicine world also has embraced it big time. 

Severe cases of epilepsy and seizures have been treated thanks to Epidiolex which is a CBD infused drug. A lot of patients suffering from ailments like cancer, Alzheimer’s joint pains and injury pain have also found CBD oil to be extremely effective. Many people equate CBD with Marijuana which is reality is completely different.

CBD and Marijuana belong to the same family but do not share the same traits. CBD has less than 0.3% THC which also under the law is the permissible limit. Marijuana, on the other hand, has more than the permissible limit of THC. THC is nothing but the psychoactive compound that can alter the mind of the individual. CBD produces no such effect. People who smoke pot or weed often have been associated with severe addiction issues which are hard to overcome.

The Los Angeles Police department which took over the case has confirmed that there was a physical fight also involved. The suspect failed to cooperate with the police when they reached on spot to check. They reportedly had this altercation at an AirBnB that they were staying at. They also have an 18-month-old daughter named Ariana Sky who was at home at the time of the incident. 

The same evening Magro was chatty and sad that most of the people think that they are on some substance but both of them balance each other well. They are a family now with their baby too. But they are still single and will remain so. The store “Jersey Shore” is building business and one which can be passed to the younger generations also. The store is doing well and he is happy that it is helping him establish a robust business. 

The pair has been on a roller coaster ride of a relationship. They have often parted ways but at the same time come together again. Last month also the pair announced that they were separating but they reconciled again. They have accepted that their relationship has never been perfect but they try to be the best parents for their daughter Ariana. 

Ariana was born in 2018 and months after the birth Magro spent a few months at a depression care centre. He said that alcoholism had taken a toll on his emotional state. The treatment was necessary because he had to be a good father to his daughter. There came a point in his life when he wanted to just start from the beginning. He was in an extremely dark zone and upliftment was extremely necessary. Being a celebrity can be taxing because one has to keep on getting on with work. There is no time to catch up with family, which is why one becomes vulnerable.

His emotions were intermingled and that is why he cultivated the habit of overt drinking and went into a state of acute depression. Drinking became a coping mechanism but it was not the right means to the end. It produced ripple effects on their entire life and the way he dealt with different situations. 

The couple recently took to opening their own CBD business and they are aware of the current laws and regulations under the farm bill. But after the launch, following his enragement which turned out to be violent, Magro was arrested on the charges. 

He is aware that people have a certain image of theirs in their minds. But they need each other for survival and as a result, they have a beautiful daughter whom they love a lot. After this incident, it is hard to say if reconciliation is on the cards or not but this will be a difficult incident to wipe off from the memories of people. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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Cannabis Café Can Soon Become A Reality In San Diego




Cannabis Cafe

Coupled with legalisation of marijuana in San Diego, city officials are considering whether or not to allow the opening of cannabis cafes in the neighbourhood. Various cities already have Cannabis lounges which allows patrons to enjoy cannabis in a restaurant like environment. They can thus easily select the pot of their choice from the provided menu and enjoy it with friends while chatting and having a jolly good time.

Various proposals regarding the opening of pot lounges were presented to the San Diego Economic Development Committee last week. The meeting held was solely for information purpose and no vote was considered out of the same. Council member Chris Ward enquired the independent budget analyst of the city to examine the case of consumption lounges and come up with answers for being provided to the committee.

Cannabis Lounges In Full Swing

Dallin Young, a board member with the Association for Cannabis Professionals pointed out that, “When we have a cool place like this where people can gather and participate in the legal market, that’s ultimately going to take people away from the illicit market and bring revenue back to the city.”

Various cannabis lounges have already sprung up in Eureka, Bay Area, Palm Springs and West Hollywood most of which pull down their shutters by 10 p.m. Sky is the limit when it comes to coming out with innovative marijuana infused products as business houses are offering versatile solutions in the form of cannabis coffee and marijuana-infused craft beer.

Opening Up Newer Opportunities.

California law allows consumption of recreational cannabis only at an owned home. In many cases, home owners are not very welcoming to the idea of their tenants or fellow neighbours smoking pot in the locality. This is why Young feels that there is not adequate opportunity for people to enjoy these products. Pot cafes on the other hand can provide people with a safe space for the recreational usage of cannabis.

Cause Of Concern

Scott Chipman of San Diegans for Safe Neighborhoods feels that, “There’s a big concern with drug-impaired driving. The economic benefit would be far outweighed by the cost.”  He cited the example of the Colorado state by saying that, “They’re spending way more on pot enforcement, impaired driving, medical bills and other things than the economic revenue and taxes coming in.”

A study conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board had also revealed that in stark contrast to its nearby states which have not yet shown a green signal to legalized recreational cannabis, the rate of crashes in Colorado, Oregon was about 6%. Forbes has listed cannabis sales in California to cross over $2.75 billion since the legalization of recreational marijuana.

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Chicago Cannabis Startup Grassroots Lands $90M




Cannabis Startup Raised Funding

With the massive expansion of cannabis based products in the United States, more cannabis producing companies are delving into cannabis-based product manufacturing. The marijuana legalization has proven to be a revolutionary act for the consumer market.

Cannabis-infused beauty products are predicted to grab a piece of a $167 Billion market. From CBD infused beauty products to jelly beans to edibles, marijuana is now being incorporated almost every other consumer product.

Multi national companies and organizations have started coming up with an altogether new line of cannabis-infused products to grab hold of the market.

Grassroot cannabis announced on Tuesday that it has raised $90 million in funding, bringing its total amount raised to $165 million since it launched in 2014.

Grassroots, which manufactures, processes and sells cannabis-based products, has more than 400 employees in Ohio, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Vermont, Arkansas and Connecticut.

“We believe this capital raise now makes Grassroots the largest privately held cannabis company in the U.S.,” Grassroots CEO Mitch Kahn said in a statement. “Our growth is a testament to our team’s collective strategic vision and execution of building an integrated business model that enhances the communities which we serve.”

Grassroots fundraise is a major deal for Chicago, but Verano Holdings was acquired earlier for $850 million after raising $120 million in financing.

MedMen Enterprises acquired PharmaCann in October for $682 million in stock. Cresco Labs raised more than $200 million before going public in Canada, and Green Thumb Industries also hit the Canadian markets last year.

From celebs like Kim Kardashian West to politicians, all have shown their inclination and acceptance towards the growing cannabis industry. The iconic diva Kim recently posted a picture of a luxury beauty hamper declaring her obsessive love with CBD saying, “Everyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything. This is not an ad lol my fave right now is @pellequr”, she literally broke the internet!

The cannabis industry seems to be growing at a rapid pace, it is backed by the government officialsand the common people which has given the market a boom.

People are now getting more aware of the health benefits of cannabis owing to which they are accepting Cannabinoid, popularly known as CBD, in a variety of daily use products.

However, marijuana is yet to be legalized in all of the United States, with a significant number of states making it completely legal to possess marijuana for recreational purposes and use it in infused states, the federal states are still holding their step back.

The production and distribution of cannabis is still ambiguous to the tribal community. It will be dependent on how the state government will exercise its power on the tribal land and what will be left at the discretion of the tribal government itself.

Nonetheless, the cannabis industry continues to grow despite the apprehensions put forward by some. As for business domain, it is presumed to become as one of the most profitable industry line.

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New Jersey Cannabis Legislation Bill Headed Towards the Judgement Date – Could Pot Lounges and Doorstep Weed Delivery Finally Be A Reality?




Weed Home Delivery

Legalizing marijuana in New Jersey will bring about a paradigm change in both retail and logistics industry. For starters, new dispensaries shall spring up around the state and e-commerce houses shall have to make arrangements for delivering cannabis at your doorstep. “Consumption lounges” are also expected to be created although they’ll be is prohibited on college campuses.

All the towns which are planning to show a green signal to cannabis legislation can reap mammoth gains out of this multimillion-dollar industry by shelling out just 3% tax. Atlantic City for example has decided to allot 20% of its hotel and casino space to marijuana. However, all these probabilities shall turn into reality once the 200-page bill receives the conjoined approval of lawmakers.

Chief Architect’s Views

Sen. Nicholas Scutari, the chief architect of the state’s “Cannabis Regulatory and Expungement Aid Modernization Act” revealed in an interview last Thursday, “Clearly we have rounded a corner. I feel good about it.”

According to Scutari, about 10 more votes shall be required between the Senate and the Assembly to pass a positive legislature. He added that, “I can’t say whether there will be hundreds or not. How many liquor stores are in New Jersey? We don’t want too many, but we don’t want people to not have enough so that they have to go to the black market to get cannabis.”

Centralised Decision Maker

Scutari pointed out a five-member commission which shall be liable to take all decisions pertaining to the cannabis regulations. This commission shall have broad power over this upcoming industry and can even control the medical marijuana program which presently serves around 42500 patients. The two sectors shall however be treated separately with tax levied on recreational usage whereas the patients shall be kept exempt.

Home deliveries shall also be regulated by The Cannabis Regulatory Commission within the 10 states which will impart a legal tag to marijuana consumption. However, only certified drivers can drop off the same to adult customers who can purchase a maximum of one ounce at a time.

Roadblocks Faced

Coming up with this commission was an extremely tough cookie to crack. It even caused delays in advancement of the bill to the floor over the last six months. Gov. Phil Murphy was in favour of approving legal weed and announced the same during his 2017 campaign. However subsequent provisions were added by lawmakers ceasing his authority to work on the same.

Recent Advancements

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Murphy came together on last Tuesday to announce that they had reached common ground regarding the constitution of this commission and taxation of cannabis.

Murphy was quoted as saying, “After months of hard work and thoughtful negotiations, I’m thrilled to announce an agreement. … This legislation will establish an industry that brings fairness and economic opportunity to all of our communities, while promoting public safety by ensuring a safe product and allowing law enforcement to focus their resources on serious crimes.” All the five commissioners shall be thus appointed by the governor based on recommendations given by Coughlin and Sweeney.

Staying Optimistic

 President of New Jersey Cannabusiness, Scott Rudder held the opinion that, “In Colorado, the first state to legalize, 70 percent of the towns opted out the first year. But last year, there were $1.6 billion in sales. And now more towns want to get back in.” He is hopeful about the fact that approval given by 62% of its residents can be of assistance in getting the legislation passed.

Rudder further added that, “People just need to be comfortable with it. All of our lives we’ve been told cannabis is bad. … It’s something that’s been vilified for the past 81 years, and now we’re using modern data and research to separate facts from fear.”

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