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Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz in trouble after he got booked for 7 cases including physical violence


We were all aware of the not so old tale of VERGE launch in West Hollywood. The CBD launch party of Ronnie Ortiz had him display hoards of affection on his girlfriend Margo. They shared a good bond in public sight and were jovial and lovable on the day of the launch of their own CBD business.

But their relationship has not been without any issues. After the launch party that day, they got into a brawl and were involved in a physical fight. Their problematic relationship has always faced the vagaries of rough patches in between. The couple also owns a CBD business.The case was handed over to the Los Angeles Police department and after analyzing a score of facts from the incident, they concluded that physical violence had taken place between the couple.

The supposed altercation took place in a hotel room. Ortiz and his girlfriend are unmarried and have an 18-month-old daughter named Ariana Sky who was at their apartment when the incident took place. It is often said about the couple that was on the substance which led them to behave the way they did. The couple often parted away but eventually came back with each other. Ortiz had initially in an interview admitted that he had taken the support of alcohol to cope with his issues and pressures at work.

He also had been to a depression care center after the birth of his daughter. He believed that to become a good father, he needed to relieve himself of such habits. Ronnie’s interest in the CBD business has been a public affair. He recently came into limelight for his business decisions apart from his personal life. Jersey Shore’s Ronnie in an interview believed that CBD has too much potential to be ignored. Mainly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is said to have lower levels of THC making it safer to use compared to Marijuana.

The Hemp extracted substance from which even marijuana originates is said to have many medicinal qualities. Although legal, it is not sold in the market a medical supplement due to current laws that govern it.

Apart from his business life, Ortiz now is facing the heat because the case of physical violence is dragging him to the court. Ortiz has appealed to the court and is pleading not guilty to the physical violence charges slapped on him. He also has pleaded not guilty to seven other charges including child endangerment, false imprisonment, and other misdemeanors after his much-talked-about arrest last month in West Hollywood.

Other counts on which he pleaded not guilty were resisting arrest, criminal threats and wielding weapons. Ortiz Magro was completely non-cooperative when the Police proceeded with the arrest and investigation. He was so against the entire proceedings that they had to use a stun gun to bring him into control and cooperate with the police. He gave a tough time to cop by continuously resisting his arrests.

Ortiz had earlier suffered from huge bouts of depression and his daughter gave him a reason to bounce back. His business launch party was flashy after his release from the rehab center. His belief in CBD for its benefits prompted him to divert all his energies into its business. He like many individuals have benefitted from CBD for many ailments including pain, cancer, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and sleep disorders. But with the fight reported that day, the focus seemed to have moved away from his launch part to his fight with a girlfriend.

Ortiz’s attorney Scott Leemon confirmed that there is a lot of exaggeration taking around the case. According to his attorney, the facts so reported are incorrect and that his client had cooperated well with the Police force. He is also planning to address these concerns with the city attorney.

The relationship of Ortiz with Jennifer Harley has been rife with issues ever since it blossomed. The only common factor binding them is their child but despite that, they are not able to make peace with each other. Harley also was at first arrested for the fight but was later released. The charges on her were also dismissed which brought the entire focus on Ortiz.

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With him pleading not guilty for all the charges, we will have to wait and see what the court decides to rule based on the evidence and recounts.

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