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Want To Get Recess Delivered To Your Doorstep In New York? Call Uber Eats


Image Source: PopSugar

Renowned CBD sparkling water brand Recess announced a partnership with UberEats on 20th April for catering to the customers of New York City. The brand which is“made for millennials,” announced the collaboration with a cheeky Instagram post where it referred to Uber Eats as an “app someone made to deliver Recess and McDonald’s.”


Varieties For Customers

Customers can get their hands on three different varieties of Recess which is available in a pack of three flavours and a three-can or a six-can sampler belonging to the price range of $16.50 to $30. This CBD-infused sparkling water manufacturer listed the cost of a six-pack as $30 in its website whereas an eight-pack could be availed for $40. The drinks come straight out of Recess factories wherein it gets picked up directly by the drivers. It can be delivered on a Tuesday-Sunday basis as the company does not operate on Mondays.


Future Plans

Recess has further plans of tapping in potential markets like Los Angeles in days to come. Benjamin Witte, the founder and CEO of Recess was quoted as saying that, “We look at Recess’ launch on Uber Eats as another distribution channel for the brand, with Recess IRL [the company’s New York shop] serving as the storefront for on-demand delivery operations.”

He further added that, “Because Recess has a physical presence with always available inventory, the UberEats expansion was the logical next step in our plans for a true omni channel distribution model, as its logistical infrastructure and popularity within the New York market is unmatched.”



Starbucks partnered with the UberEats app in January for delivering its meals across San Francisco and subsequently Boston, Chicago and L.A. Another renowned beverage brand Dirty Lemon has also been using the Uber Eats food delivery platform for capturing a wider market.



Recess likes to think of itself to be much more than being just a beverage company. It operates with the main motive of spreading relaxation amongst the modern-day millennials who are suffering from high level of depression and anxiety. Maybe that it why it uses calming ingredients like hemp oil and ginseng as its main ingredients.

Recess CEO was also quoted as saying that, “With UberEats, we were looking to make it easier than ever to ‘take a Recess’ at any time of the day, anywhere. We also believe that a retail presence across every channel (online, retail, on-demand, etc.) is where the consumer world is going. While Recess IRL has allowed us to propel on-demand delivery forward, our customers have been consistently reaching out via email and Instagram asking where they can find Recess — and now UberEats can help us get to them even faster if a retail vendor is not within walking distance.”

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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