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Vapers with THC and other illegal ingredients found to be the primary reason behind respiratory diseases

Vapers with THC and other illegal ingredients

Vapers are often associated with a mountain of respiratory diseases that people are generally afflicted with after continuous usage. Recently news with this regard has been doing the rounds where patients in Illinois and Wisconsin have suffered major respiratory illness after vaping. 

Out of them, about 83% of cases have reported that they are using black market vaping cannabis products while the rest of them stressed that they have been using nicotine only. Out of the 17%, it is quite possible that people are not coming upfront about the usage of illegal drug use. 

With the range of vaping products now available in the market, the customers of vaping products and E-cigarettes are completely unaware of the ingredients that go into making them. Many products available in the market present an unclear picture of what all goes into the making of these products. 

Most of these products indicate that they have legal nicotine product containing in it which can be very misleading. Due to the falsification of information, many people who have not been smokers or left smoking may resort to the habit again not understanding the repercussions of the same. 

A study conducted and published in the New England Journal of medicine has sampled the study on 53 patients who were vaping within 90 days of their symptoms. The average age of the patients was 19 with a considerable number less than 18 years old. Out of the 41 patients who were interviewed rigorously reported the use of THC products, 7% used CBD products and 17% mentioned they were vaping only nicotine. 

The exposure of this information is possible only because patients have revealed it while many might not reveal the real state. Patients also described the kind of products they used and most of them were from the black market which had extracted from the cannabis plant. About 14 different brands of THC products and 13 brands of nicotine were used. The most popular brand was Dank Label which was used by about 59% of patients.

Cannabis Sativa is a plant from which hemp and Marijuana are extracted. While the THC levels in marijuana are found in is in higher proportion, CBD which is extracted from the hemp plant has less than 0.3% of THC in it. 

Marijuana features under controlled substances principally because of its THC content while CBD doesn’t fit the bill of an intoxicating drug chiefly because of its lower THC level. Marijuana has the psychoactive compound that is responsible for changes in mind and its functionalities. CBD simply is not capable of producing that kind of effect. 

The characteristics of the THC products for them being refillable or closed ones are still not clear and also whether the cartridges sourced was legal or not. The latest estimates have shockingly highlighted 450 cases reporting pulmonary diseases that may have caused due to vaping. 

Many studies have blamed the over usage of THC through vaping as the primary cause. The investigators and medical professionals analysing the products have informed that some dangerous chemicals or a combination of chemicals seem to be the responsible culprit in these cases. They are still not sure which ingredient it might be but they are actively pursuing answers to it. 

CBD which is often confused with marijuana was found to be a blessing in disguise for the medical industry. With several successful studies made on rats, CBD has proven to be the reason behind success stories of people recovering from various ailments like seizures, joint pains, other pains, sore muscles and even life-threatening disease like cancer

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With a boom in the industry, many people now are actively seeking more information on CBD and its benefits. The chemical inside the vaping product is lethal which is threatening life. They are toxic and are seen the possible reason behind the cause. 

FDA has come up with probable culprit called Vitamin E acetate which is dangerous when goes into the system via inhalation. Those vaping products which are legally sold nicotine products are not harmful but the current crop of cases that have emerged are mainly due to oils or lipid-containing substances that enter lungs. 

There is surely the presence of illegal and unwanted substances in these products that need to be reported. The legitimate products are water-soluble but these oil-based products are dangerous when inhaled. Much is done now to control more breakages and currently investigating is pursed as a hot matter that needs answers. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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