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Aromatherapy Bath soap dealers have their PayPal frozen for selling soaps containing CBD

Aromatherapy Bath soap dealers have their PayPal frozen

The laws surrounding cannabis oil seems very confusing. In the USA where the hemp plant has received an exclusion from illegal substances, CBD is still feared by the government. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant that belongs to the Cannabis Sativa family. Marijuana is also produced from the same plant yet there are subtle differences between the two. The basic line differentiating CBD and Marijuana is THC which is the psychoactive compound responsible for altering the mind. The acceptable THC level in CBD is supposed to be less than 0.3%. Regarding marijuana, THC is much higher and the slightest addiction to it has long term repercussions on the addict. 

The popularity of CBD has raised so much that small and big businesses are seeing immense opportunity in it. But the clarity is still missing which is what needs to be addressed on an urgent basis. lately, a bath bomb shop in UK dealing with aromatherapy soaps that had CBD in it had its paypal and other merchant trading accounts were frozen because it had CBD in it which is illegal. 

The owners at Bonne Bomb in deal, Jane and Mike wood, are suffering due to this. The other payment gateways like Stripe and Braintree have also refused to share the payment platform. They are suffering because their online payments are stuck causing a dent in their sales. On top of it, a temporary ban has been put on them refraining them from selling CBD products for now. They also are not permitted to buy any non-CBD products from Ebay or any store. 

CBD is now legal in the UK because it has positively impacted the medical industry. Several severe cases of epilepsy and constant seizures have been corrected due to CBD infused drugs. They react well with other medicines in such a way that people with these conditions are hardly getting seizures now. Apart from these conditions, people with cancer symptoms have also seen their symptoms to disappear. Patients facing emotional stress have felt the difference in their conditions especially long term depression and panic attacks. 

Despite CBD being discovered in the medical line, non-medical products have still not gotten the respect they deserve. The owners are feeling that they have been attacked and this is not going down too well with them. They are vexed and maddened that PayPal is still working in tandem with larger traders of CBD like Holland & Barrett. Large scale hypocrisy is seen in such cases where small businesses are targeted. 

To counter the situation, the owners have asked the customer to do bank transfers until the matters settled. They cannot possibly let their customers deal in insecure gateways hence bank payment seems to be the only way out. Their venture Bonne Bomb is been in Deal for 4 years. They had started at King Street for about 2 years until they moved to a bigger space at Queen Street shop in 2017. At the beginning of this year, they expanded their business to increase CBD in their offerings but troubles started brewing from June Onward. 

They received a call from Braintree. The Philadelphia based company said that they were aware that the shop is into selling CBD products. It told them that Braintree was against such products and if their website continued selling these products, they will not be able to support them for the payment. The Woods was angered more than anything. They told Braintree that in such a scenario they will cease to work with Braintree for payment. 

Braintree is one of the subsidiaries of PayPal and what followed the heated exchange was an email from PayPal. The email indicated that despite having such a strong working relationship, they did not want to spoil it for the CBD products in question. But, the Woods were determined to continue their business, but eventually, PayPal closed their account with the shop. 

When a PayPal spokesperson was asked to give his opinion, he clearly said that their policies strictly condemn them from conducting business with concerns dealing with CBD. Even an eBay official clearly said that they were legally not permitted to sell any product containing CBD in it. Several other concerns like Captain Jack’s are still selling CBD infused energy drinks. Another sweet shop also is selling products that have CBD content in it. 

The question thus arises is why only Woods were restricted to do business causing them losses? We will have to see what is causing the authorities and payment gateways like PayPal to pull their hands out of the CBD business. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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