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Ozzy Osbourne, a metal band rockstar uses CBD oil for Pain Relief, Will Hit the Road Back in 2020

Ozzy Osbourne

Photo Credit : REX/Shutterstock

Ozzy Osbourne is a famous singer, actor, songwriter who rose into prominence in the 1970s as the lead vocalist of a heavy metal band known as “Black Sabbath”. He can’t stand being alone and at home, which is why he wants to be back on the road, told his wife, Sharon Osbourne, on a U.K. talk show, Loose Women, when asked by the hosts about her husband.

Osbourne had to postpone the remainder of his 2019 tours since he was recovering from heavy bout of pneumonia and then later suffered a bad fall which aggravated his old injuries. Sharon said that Ozzy had a really tough year. It had initially started with just a flu, which went to bronchitis, which further went to pneumonia.

Ozzy was hospitalized for quite a while before he started recovering from the disease. One night, he got up to go the bathroom and fell hard on his way back. He tripped on the carpet which was under the bed and fell against the corner of the night table made of glass.  

Sharon explained that Ozzy had met a severe motorbike accident few years ago, several metal rods had to be put in his body and the accident moved all the rods and the bones they were screwed into all splintered. She also said that Ozzy had some trouble with his neck as well, he went into surgery twice for it and is in recovery now.

Sharon noted that he was not quite happy being at home and wished to hit the road again sometime soon. He focused more on getting well enough to be back on with his performances and finishing tour commitments than anything else.

“He’s not good at being at home. He wants to be back on the road, back on his tour, back with his band, and he’s pining. “

Interestingly, when hosts asked if there were any fear of addiction of painkillers, Sharon promptly replied saying he wasn’t taking any painkillers and was rather relying on a modern approach, CBD oil.

She said that he had to have painkillers after he was operated but he prefers taking CBD for his pain now. CBD is a compound found in hemp plants, a cannabis genus plant which is popular for its pain relieving and healing capabilities.

CBD or cannabidiol is anti-inflammatory in nature which helps reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and also helps prevent acute pains and aches. It is a non-psychoactive compound which means it does not affect the state of mind. It can reduce seizures, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and improve quality of life by maintaining a healthy and disease free body.

CBD is being widely accepted all across the globe now. From United States legalizing hemp derived CBD with a maximum of 0.3% THC, another chemical found in hemp plants, to the United Kingdom, people are filing petitions and asking for it to be legalized for medicinal purposes.

Many lawmakers and stakeholders are concerned about THC concentration, while some believe a regulated amount would ensure safe and legal usage of the drug, others feel it should be completely prohibited. CBD products including CBD infused gummy bears, chocolates, biscuits, burger, pasta, coffee, beer and many more have already started hitting the market space in many countries.

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Celebs like Kim Kardashian West are showing their support for CBD by taking on their personal social media accounts and sharing images of their favourite CBD based products. She also threw a CBD themed baby shower where all her friends and family members joined her in welcoming the couple’s fourth baby.

According to UCSF research, CBD or legal marijuana is efficient in reducing chronic pain, but it increases injuries and risks of accidents. This poses as a potential threat to the public and many officials are withdrawing their support for legalizing marijuana in several states.

However, research conducted over the past months regarding CBD in United Kingdom indicates that millennials prefer CBD over traditional medications. Especially people who suffer from severe mental disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s or even cancer, trust CBD more than their prescribed medications.


Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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