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#1 Fab CBD
Best Overall



• Derived from non-GMO hemp
• Vegan
• 25mg per gummy
• $0.08 per mg

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

The First brand on our list is the Colorado brand Fab. Over the last 25 years, Fab has made a name for itself in the health and fitness industry. They initially started out making medicinal supplements and have recently taken to manufacturing CBD products.

Their mission is to get people off addictive over-the-counter medicine (primarily opioids) and provide a solution for the health issues which plague today's America without resorting to dangerous drugs.

The Quality Of Their CBD Products

When I take into account their years of experience in the health and wellness industry, it's pretty safe to say that they know what they are doing.

When it comes to being quality conscious, you'd be hard pressed to find a brand which has more stringent regulations on quality. All their products are entirely organically grown without the help of any pesticides or GMO whatsoever.

They employ a C02 extraction process, which ensures that all benefits of hemp are retained, without putting in any additives or solvents at all.

They test all their products through third-party labs, and the test results are available online for public viewing. They are also regularly updated, so you can put your mind at ease about any quality concerns.

As per lab reports, the amount of THC is negligible and in all likelihood have very little chances of showing up in drug tests.

The Types OF CBD Gummies

Their tub of CBD chews contains 30 cannabidiol gummies which have a total of 750mg CBD. This comes down to about 25mg of CBD per gummy, which is my opinion, an adequate dosage.

I personally don't like brands which offer very few choices on types of flavors, which is why I really loved this one because of their variety of flavor choices. These flavors include organic cane sugar, natural flavors, organic black currant, and pectin. Needless to say, they’re all fruity and sweet to taste.

If you suffer from anxiety, one or two of these spread over 24 hours should help a little. Just, take one of these, wait a while, and very soon your worries and problems will melt away into the background allowing you to feel focused and calm, without the constant cloud of anxiety over your head.

But then again, it’s CBD, so nothing is guaranteed.

Customer Service

Fab CBD's mission is to help people get off prescription opioids and other addictive medication like valium, etc. They try to promote CBD as a much more wholesome and less harmful alternative. Because of this customer-centric approach, they are very keen on helping you out with all queries and problems.

They have an option of emailing them where they respond back to you within 24 to 48 hours. They also initiate full refunds and send replacement packages if you have genuine concerns.

All this information is available on the website, and there's plenty more information there should you need help of any sort.

Long story short, these gummy bears are as useful as they are tasty. If you are one of the many million Americans suffering from anxiety, I would definitely recommend giving this product a shot.

Exclusive discount for TCR readers