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New funds allocated to fund trial for Parkinson disease

New funds allocated to fund trial for Parkinson disease

We all are aware of how the Arthritis Association is requesting the government to fund CBD research because several patients suffering from the illness have discovered relief. Likewise in a move that might be a big breakthrough in the field of medicine, patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease are all set to become a part of a clinical trial. The research will aim at finding out how CBD can be effective and safe to treat symptoms like hallucinations and delusions. 

The UK based decision-makers for the trial believe that the trial is extremely important considering the current situation. Several people are now illegally sourcing CBD oil and other supplements which have not been addressed in the manner it should have been. The total investment of the trial is 1.2 m pounds and the charity is partnering with King’s College in London for the same. 

From the Cannabis Sativa family, two major components come out namely hemp and marijuana. In all the parts of the hemp plant, one can find parts that contain high THC and low THC. CBD is extracted from the upper portions of the plant which has less than 0.3% of THC level. Marijuana is found in the inner parts of the plant which is rich in THC. THC is nothing but the psychoactive compound that has a mind-altering effect and gives a sense of euphoria when taken. CBD is associated with no such thing and also is not flammable adding to its benefits. 

UK laws have changed in the past with the changing times and demands. Last year it legalized the prescription of medical cannabis when the mother of Billy Caldwell demanded that cannabis oil be legally brought in the UK. This she did for her son who was suffering from epilepsy and she was sourcing CBD from other places. It was proving an expensive affair and she pleaded the government to legalize it.

The case marked as a pioneer and induced several other charity organizations to lobby with the government for the easy availability of CBD treatments. Due to the unclear stance taken by government doctors also have been reluctant to prescribe CBD based treatments on the grounds of lack of proper scientific evidence. They mentioned that they did not have anything on paper that it would claim that CBD was safe to use and beneficial too.

The study is the first large scale study that will provide initial proof about the hidden benefits of CBD. The study will start next year and it will be a discovery if the study finds that it helps to reduce the symptoms of the disease. 

In the UK alone a massive 145,000 people are afflicted with the diseases and a close to 50% to 60% will be affected by psychosis in their life due to this. The symptoms like hallucination and delusion are terrible and if not successfully treated with the drug are usually prescribed antipsychotic drugs. But they come with massive side-effects. Currently, in the UK no licensed drug can be used for Parkinson related disease. 

Paula Scurfield, from Beckenham, diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014 developed tremor on one side of her body. She took a drug called Levodopa to treat the symptoms that caused stiffness, rigidity, and slowness in the body movements. But after taking the drug she experienced a side effect called dyskinesia which was uncontrolled movements in the body. To treat this further she took which further caused hallucinations at the periphery of her vision.

Her doctor has halved her dose which has stopped her hallucination but she is happy about the clinical trial going underway. She feels that if it is successful it will help treat not just the disease about also the related psychosis. 

CBD has induced many organizations to back up claims with research. A lot of people suffering from cancer, arthritis, joint pains, and depressions back the potential benefits of the substance. This project has a time bracket of 3.5 years and is led by Parkinson’s UK in association with virtual Biotech. Some many complications and questions need to be answered with this research, CBD can revolutionize the health care industry and can be launched in a big way. The initial trials can help in finding out if it will help alleviate the symptoms like hallucinations and delusions. 

If the trial is successful people can get their hands on the treatment in a much more regulated pattern. They will not then have to resort to taking expensive medicines and treatment which will bury a hole in their pocket. The research came in as a result of the final guidance so published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence next month.

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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