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Mississippi officials warn people of potential dangers of CBD in a press conference

Mississipi officials warn people of potential dangers of CBD in a press conference

Every country has taken CBD it’s way. Some have decided to embrace it, some have outright rejected it while many others have given it the benefit of doubt and are taking one step at a time. With the United States of America, many states have approved the use of medical cannabis and CBD, Mississippi has decided to play it safe. This is why there was a press conference held in the state to warn people of the potential dangers of using CBD which is hemp-derived substance. The press conference was held by three prime bodies namely the Mississippi department of public safety, Mississippi Bureau of narcotics and Mississippi department of health. They held the press conference and are warning people against CBD in unison. 

The press conference intends to warn people against using any products containing CBD in the state. CBD is a cannabidiol derived product from cannabis plants like hemp or marijuana. In Mississippi both these plants as of now are illegal.  The laws surrounding the CBD are most ambiguous currently. States have a different set of laws and the federal government also does not have any hold on the laws as yet.

The amount of confusion surrounding CBD has affected people in many ways and even the enforcement authorities are now finding it difficult to put across something substantial in public so that they can pin it in case it needs to be done. 

CBD is anti-inflammatory and also has lots of medicinal properties. Marijuana which also is banned in Mississippi has huge quantities of psychoactive compounds or THC which makes it addictive and intoxicating. Intake of CBD does not result in feel high but rather it helps in feeling better. Marijuana makes a person addicted to the drug and to overcome the addiction can be even more difficult than taking it also. 

The state of Mississippi has decided to be very cautious when it comes to CBD. It does not want to jump into making it legal because up to now no scientific evidence of sound research has been established. CBD oil is not safe to use as yet because the products that are available on the shelf do not come with the guarantee of the content of CBD in it. Even the users of cannabis for medical reasons do not understand the dosage and doctors are shying away from prescribing anything concerning CBD. 

CBD has been credited with several benefits and has taken the medical world by storm. Advocates of CBD users for medical users have realized that the drug has many benefits. Patients suffering from cancer are feeling rejuvenated especially after their torturous chemo sessions that give unbearable side-effects. Not just cancer, other threatening diseases like epilepsy, seizures, and arthritis also seems to have found favor in CBD oil which has proven magical for the conditions. Injury pain, sore muscles, joint pains, and depression-related syndromes also can be put to rest with regular usage of CBD. 

But despite all these benefits, agencies have warned people of different consequences because of the lack of scientific evidence. They are waiting for more studies to pour in to establish the veracity of CBD oil. They warned people that they have no idea what they are consuming because of no research backing up. 

They also confirmed that many products that are doing the rounds are not labeled properly. The case of mislabeling is happening at a faster rate hence it becomes very risky and unreliable. Many products that are in the products contain narcotics that are not legal under state as well as central law. The director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics John Downy also expressed his alarm concerning the innumerable products that are available in the market. There have been concerns in the past because many products, especially vaping products, have led to respiratory disease. Although the direct reasons have not yet been confirmed there is fear that the main cause for this could be the illegal vaping products available in the market. 


 Dr. Thomas Dobbs who is the state health officer advises people to keep away from products that contain CBD. People are in the dark when it comes to such products because even the state has not been able to pin it. If the governments are not backing it up, they believe that people should refrain from using it.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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