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Mineralife, a Colorado company helps ensure CBD products are safe


Image Source: mineralife

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the hottest topics in the health industry in U.S. right now. It was made legal in several states over the last few months for medicinal purposes. Legal CBD is extracted from hemp plant, a cannabis genus plant with potential health benefits.

Hemp has negligible or 0.3 percent THC or tetrahydro cannabinoid – a psychoactive component otherwise found in high levels in marijuana plant – which ensures that hemp does not produce any “high”.

On the other hand, CBD is a non-psychoactive component which helps relieves pain, anxiety, depression, swelling, headaches and even gives better sleep. After the government legalizing CBD for medical treatments, companies have come up with new line of CBD infused products altogether.

CBD can be found in lotions, creams, roll-ons, pills, gummy bears and other dietary supplements. It is easily available in health food stores, supplement shops or marijuana dispensaries. Even CVS pharmacies and Walgreen are on the bandwagon of CBD products.

But, Contact 7 found that consumers should educate themselves before they buy a product infused with CBD. After trying CBD for the first time three years ago, Jessica Robinson from Littleton addressed how terrible she felt after consuming the substance.

She said, “I was hoping to get some relief from my anxiety, but basically it gave me one of the worst panic attacks that I’ve ever had,”

Looking back, questioning about the incident, she says that maybe the store seller gave her marijuana with high levels of THC instead of hemp with higher CBD levels which aggravated her condition.

As a standard, CBD products are supposed to have 0.3 percent or less THC which is safe for consumers to use under the law. The Food and Drug Administration has announced a public hearing in May to discuss the regulations and further norms that could be set on CBD production, distribution and consumption.

Until the regulations come in place, consumers are on their own, but a Colorado supplement company, Mineralife came to help. It is a dietary supplement maker in Colorado Springs which recently began producing and packaging CBD for outside vendors. As a dietary supplement maker, it is regulated by the FDA.

Mineralife Nutraceuticals owner and founder Neil Butterfield said, “We’re ensuring what we are creating is exactly what we anticipate it to be and that it’s free from adulteration, or any sort of contamination.”

Butterfield said that more and more vendors were requesting for CBD products, but when he dug deep in the industry, there were concerns related to it and a bit of pull from the industry.

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“What I found is there are some guys out there who have absolutely no clue what they’re doing,” he said. “And there is an element out there that’s in it for the money and just want to get it to market as quickly as possible. The vast majority though, I was pleased to see, had good intentions — they were just unaware of how to get it done properly.”

CBD products that are produced in Mineralife are tested and verified against any bacteria, heavy metals or other contamination. Chemists also make sure that they check the formulation and concentration of CBD as to what it says on the bottle.

This has come as a reassuring promise to consumers like Robinson. After the first bad experiences that she had with CBD, she now uses CBD drops to treat issues like joint pain and anxiety.

“I know people who won’t try it because they’re afraid,” she said. “And I think in order for it to be completely over that hump where it could start to replace things like Percocet or anti-anxiety medications, I think it’s really important to know what you’re getting.”

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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