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Milo gets a new life due to CBD oil after suffering from a life-threatening disease

The owner of a very sick dog nearing its death has been saved from the hands of death thanks to cannabis oil. The lovable and affable dog Pooch named Milo was diagnosed with pancreatitis which left the poor creature in excruciating pain. It was given only a few days to live. 

The owner was devastated by the news and was told to be prepared for the worst as the methods of treatment were not working. Vicky the owner was then suggested by a friend to give the dog some drop of CBD oil. It was then when the forecast about his health just turned around and quickly within 48 hours.

Milo recently celebrated his 15th birthday and is enjoying its life. 31-year-old Vicky has had Milo since she was 16 and is very close to him. On Monday when Milo was taken sick, he was diagnosed by Pancreatitis. This condition in older dogs is considered to be very serious. Milo had to be hospitalized for 2 days where he was on continuous drips.

The drugs had made its impact on Milo. They unsettled Milo to a great extent and he had trouble understanding his condition. He kept pulling off the drips, while doctors put it back constantly. The doctors also gave up trying on Milo and released him on Thursday. 

Milo was so intoxicated by drugs that he stopped recognizing his owners. He also had not eaten anything since Saturday. That night was tough when the owners did everything they could to comfort him. They slept in the lounge with him and fed him water from syringes. Every attempt to make Milo eat something fell flat as he showed zero interest in food.

The medications he was taking especially Tramadol made him release foam from his mouth. They visited the vets again only to get him a double dose of pain killers and antibiotics. The next Saturday was tougher when the owners nursed Milo was 48 hours at a stretch yet his condition had gone from bad to worse. He had lost 4 kgs and people around began thinking that the owners were cruel enough to keep the dog alive. The owners even contemplated deciding because they could not see the creature suffer anymore. Vicky’s husband then remembered that one of his friends used CBD oil to treat their dogs. He was recommended to go to the CBD lab for the same.

CBD or cannabidiol has been successfully tested on animals and rodents for various ailments. It is a hemp-extracted plant which is anti-inflammatory and is purported to have medicinal properties. Marijuana and CBD hail from the same family but are different from each other due to THC levels present in it. CBD has less than 0.3% of THC levels which is considered the legally allowable limit. Marijuana has higher quantities of THC which is why it is highly addictive and intoxicating. 

CBD has also proven to be a useful compound for the medical world. It has been used in several cases including seizures, epilepsy, cancer and Alzheimer’s. People also suffering from chronic depression, stress and anxiety have experienced major relief in their symptoms. Due to a lack of proper information, people have often equated CBD to marijuana. CBD does not produce a high the way marijuana does. It also does not result in any form of addiction. Yet people equate them and are scared of using CBD for their illnesses.

In the case of the dog too, CBD oil worked wonder. As soon as the couple decided to get CBD oil, they gave 8 drops of CBD oil to the dog. Within three of taking it, the dog was looking better. By 11 pm it was sleeping soundly for the first time in 4 days of pain. Next day the dog was eating normally and ate food which it hadn’t eaten for 6 days. With every passing hour, the dog kept getting better and better. It started weeing more and more and the couple repeated the dose every 6 hours.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate sent out a proclamation saying that such CBD infused veterinary products comes under the umbrella of veterinary products and had to be regulated. This had stopped its trade. The shop owner which sold CBD oil to the couple was surprised as to why the decision was made especially when they saw the marked difference in the health. The final decision is pending.


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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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