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Medical Marijuana legalization in Alabama is facing roadblocks as experts say there is nothing like medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis is a drug that is derived from hemp plants like Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis is usually seen as a depressant drug but it has other uses as well. CBD is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant which has changed the mindset of people towards its effectiveness. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has the THC level well below the legal limit. Marijuana has a higher THC level which is the reason why there is a lot of stigma and discussion surrounding the drug. 

On September 9th, 2019 the Alabama medical Cannabis commission had a meeting at the Statehouse department. The meeting was for deliberations regarding Alabama being included in the list of 34 states that have now legalized medical marijuana. 

The same issue was discussed earlier also and this is the second round of discussion. There was a lot of disagreement over the issue and to strengthen the argument 4 witnesses were also called. They were asked to narrate the wonders of medical marijuana in their life. A few got relieved from excruciating pain, while others believed that their relatives too found the difference after using it. 

The meeting was chaired and attended by distinguished personalities. One of the commission members Stephen Taylor, who is a psychiatrist and an addiction psychiatrist, believes that marijuana can never be used for medical reasons. If medical marijuana is made legal, people especially youngsters will take advantage of it and it will have long term harmful impact on them. 

Until the substance has been officially been approved and corroborated as a medicine, it should not be given the names, medical marijuana or medical cannabis. Taylor sounded concerned because he believed that not everything can be called medicine. The facts and figures should be acceptable and legitimate enough to be called one. He mentioned that by putting something that has more harm than good, people’s life and health is getting jeopardised which should not be the case.

He tried to validate his argument by referring to the advisory published by US-based surgeon Jerome Adams who warned people about the dangers of exposing marijuana to youth and married people. He also had quashed the so-called safety effects of marijuana in this advisory. 

CBD has off late been seen as the wonder ingredient in many industries. The drug has been found effective in treating a lot of diseases like seizures, pain, anxiety, depression, injury bruise and life-taking diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer. People who support the hemp driven substance have confirmed that CBD is safer to use as it does not have any mind-altering effect. 

The constant criticism enveloping medical marijuana was contrary to what Senator Tim Melson, Chairman of Medical Cannabis commission believed. He is a stark supporter of medical marijuana and as an established medical researcher has much medical research material to his credit. He also is a noted anesthesiologist and has asserted that there have been many studies that show medical marijuana in good light and how it has helped many. He has strongly supported it and wants the benefits to reach out to people in need of it. 

The commission was heard by a large crowd housed in the larger room of the State House. The commission members comprised of personalities from diverse fields like medicine, law enforcement, drug addiction treatment, agriculture, pharmacy, and others.  Based on the discussion, it will give its recommendation to the Legislature. 

At the beginning of this year, the Senate also passed a bill to legalise medical marijuana for certain conditions. This was also backed by Senator Melson. But, there was a lot of divergence of opinion in this matter and hence the need for the establishment of study commission came by. 

One of the cases highlighted here was James Lovejoy who is suffering from a congenital rheumatic spinal condition that causes tremendous pain. The condition according to his mother is irreversible and the only way to endure it by taking strong and addictive pain killers that alleviates his pain. Her son was afflicted with the condition right after graduation after he began his career as CPA. 

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The condition became so severe that he sometimes had to work on his back as it relieved him. They have found soothing relief from medical marijuana and believe that James can lead a normal life only because of it. 

The commission is now all set to meet again in October to further the matter.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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