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Medical Cannabis trial gets a green signal for two years

Medical Cannabis trial gets green signal for a two year period

With the rise of CBD, governments are making up their minds of testing the product and giving it a chance to see its overall effectiveness. French Government too completed a round of voting on Friday, the 25th of October to authorize the trial of the drug-containing medical cannabis. The proposal was initiated by MP Olivier Veran in addition to the approval given by ANSM or Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé. 

The approval of the trial implies that those patients who are not getting better with the existing treatments and their response has reached an impasse now can be entitled to be prescribed remedial cannabis. The curative treatment of medical cannabis will also give medical practitioners a chance to understand it’s likely harmful or side-effects. Doctors can also get proof as to whether the intake of medical cannabis will give any form of addiction of not.

These patients could be seething with medical conditions like epilepsy of the rarest type and kinds of neuropathic pain that do not respond well to other treatments. Recently there were cases of epileptic patients responding well to Epidiolex which a CBD infused drug is meant to rest the symptoms of epilepsy. Recently countries like the USA and UK had legalized this first CBD infused drug considering the benefits people have been experiencing. The seizures as a result of this condition have majorly reduced to zero in a day which has helped many to lead normal lives. 

Not just with epilepsy, people suffering from muscular spasms, sore muscles, Alzheimer’s, arthritis also have benefited from CBD or medical cannabis. Medical cannabis also has been prescribed for patients who are suffering from the painful side-effects of chemotherapy. Many people believe that their life is extended as a cancer patient only because they have opted for medical cannabis as alternative medicine. It also seems to have helped people who also are undergoing nervous system treatment for different conditions they are suffering from. 

Sports veterans also believe that medical cannabis or CBD can be a useful prescription for sports persons who face immense mental pressure and physical pain. They believe that it will help them manage their pain as well as deal with the pressures related to performance or otherwise. The belief in CBD has increased so much so even celebrities have started promoting medical cannabis and want the government to legalize it in the medical form. 

Medical cannabis has been given the name because it contains less than 0.3% of THC levels which is the legally acceptable limit. Indian hemp plant from where CBD is extracted is now legal but initial cultivation was tested to confirm and ascertain if the THC limits have no exceeded. 

CBD unlike marijuana is anti-inflammatory and found on the upper portions of the plant. Marijuana has higher levels of THC which produces an intoxicating effect on the user. The importance and popularity of CBD products whether they are edibles or skin lotions or drugs for a particular medical condition have increased exponentially. Many medical foundations have vouched for its benefits and are planning to introduce a host of research studies to corroborate the claims made. Up to now, most of the research has been conducted on animals and it is difficult to equate the result to the human body. Hence the need for more practical based research has become mandatory.

The drug under the trial will not be advised in a cigarette or a joint form. The same will either be taken in or smelled in different forms like oils, dried flowers, capsules or drops. Doctors who have decided to be a part of the drug trial will be given further chances of volunteering and if the need arises, they will also be given additional training to do so. 

The spokesperson for patient advocacy, Catherine Simonin also mentioned that they are an organization recommend the test only on one condition which is that monitoring should, in any condition be done by expert officials only. They are complete with those patients who have no relief from current treatment and believe that to lead a good quality life; they ought to have a pain free life which will improve the quality of their life. 

Cannabis is a treasured plant extract that cannot be neglected. It has proved to be a potential healer but with more and more research can one understand what its likely side-effects are. For now, medical cannabis must be given a chance despite the risk of addiction which has not been established as yet.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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