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Matt Every pushing back on PGA Tour’s marijuana stance

Every Driver

Matt Every can go straight in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, as he did after taking the first-round lead at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Thursday, where he followed up the 85 he shot missing the cut at the Honda Classic at Bay Hill Lodge & Club with a bogey-free 65. 

Yet don’t ask him how, on his way to making an octuple-bogey 11 last Friday, he will put four balls in the water at the fifth hole at PGA National Champion Course, and then make seven birdies and no bogeys in his very next round at a PGA Tour event.

Every said he wouldn’t read too much into the last round. 

When asked about why he can be so inconsistent, he said he has a short-term memory which isn’t very good but it is a strength sometimes. 

Or maybe it was the modifications he made in his Irons, turning them upright by 2 degrees.

Or maybe it is just Golf Club & Bay Hill Lodge that’s perfect for what ails him.

Every garnered popularity by winning in back-to-back years, with his triumphs in 2015 and 14’ standing as his only PGA Tour titles. Everyone grew up in Daytona Beach, just an hour away from northeast Orlando, and his father used to take him to watch Arnold Palmer’s tournament. 

However his dramatic come back here isn’t as simple as that. He has been wildly inconsistent at Bay Hill. Last year, he opened with an 83 here and missed the cut. Then, two years ago, he shot 80 on Friday and missed the cut. 

Every doesn’t try too hard to make sense of it all. He further said that it was crazy how this game could affect your life, maybe not your life, but your mindset. Every said that he’d be alright no matter what he shoots. 

He said that his life wouldn’t have had as many ups and downs if the PGA Tour didn’t treat cannabis the way it does. He went on a little rant after his round when asked about the Tour’s drug testing policy and his failed attempts at getting therapeutic use exemptions for marijuana. 

Every said anxiety is a real thing and he treats it the healthiest way possible for his body. 

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Last fall, he was suspended for 12 weeks by the PGA Tour for violating its drug-testing policy. He later revealed that his suspension was caused due to using cannabis, even though he is allowed to use it under the state of Florida with a prescription. 

At first, he said he’s at peace with it and it doesn’t bother him at all. But then he said it did bother him that it’s even an issue out here. Everyone went on to say that it doesn’t even bother anyone if marijuana is on the list for a prohibited substance. One could fail for marijuana and heroin, and the penalty would be the same. If anyone wants to make an argument that marijuana is performance-enhancing, they have never done it before. 

He also expressed his frustration about how the PGA Tour’s policy sets the maximum limit for THC in a player’s system at 150 nanograms. If he is at 155, he’s a drug abuser, which is ridiculous, said Every. 

Though he still has hopes that he might eventually get a therapeutic use exemption. 

He has applied for one, but he has been denied. He might apply again. 

Under the federal government’s Farm Act, consumers can use hemp-derived CBD oil, which is touted for its medicinal benefits like anxiety, pain, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, etc. There’s a generous amount of research available that suggests that CBD is potent and has medical benefits. 

However, the FDA is still on the backseat with no proper guidelines or formal protocols being set for businesses to create CBD based products. Most of the companies functioning in the market promote their CBD products with medicinal claims, but the FDA condemns such acts. The agency has even made efforts to send 15 warning letters to companies that were promoting their CBD products with medical benefits.

As for Every, it’s another crazy week, one that will surprise nobody if it ends with him unable to explain how he is hoisting the trophy again.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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