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Martha Stewart is all set to start to her CBD line of products with CanopyMartha Stewart is all set to start to her CBD line of products with Canopy

Martha Stewart

TV personalities and models are showing their extreme confidence in CBD related products. Kourtney Kardashian has also curated a special range of CBD infused hair and skincare brand. Her sister Kim Kardashian is extremely popular in social media with several followers following her on twitter handle. She is also a popular reality TV star and she was extremely pressurised and overwhelmed. 

She lost her sleep keeping up but with the help of CBD infused gummy she managed to catch up with her sleep and her ability to cope up with pressure increased. Like these celebrity sisters, Martha Stewart, an American Businesswoman, TV personality and a former model also are launching her CBD line along with Canopy growth. They are coming up with some really good projects for 2020 and are waiting for the nod of approval. 

At an interview with Elevate Conference in Toronto, she informed the press that their partnership is currently concentrating on various things for home, food and pets but in the future they also see themselves entering the skincare product range. 

Martha Stewart had announced in February that she also will be tying up with Smith Falls which are the licensed producers of products containing CBD. She was to don the role of an advisor for the Ontario based giant. 

Canopy is happy about this association because it feels that as an advisory person on board, her already cast resources will multiply as well as they can explore more products in the home and pets category. The whole wide world is vouching for products based on CBD. Member of the hemp family, CBD is derived from the Cannabis Plant. 

It has anti-inflammatory properties with an extremely low THC level. The current admissible THC level found in CBD is less than 0.4%. Marijuana, on the other hand, has a higher rate of THC. Being a psychoactive compound, THC results in mind-altering effects on people who are addicted to it. 

The world is embracing CBD and the main reason is that it has been able to cure a lot of diseases which hitherto were not curable. Severe epilepsy and seizures can be cured with CBD based Epidiolex. Now the UK also has given its green signal for the drug which will help several children wake up to a seizure-free existence. 

Apart from it, CBD also helps patients suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, joint pains and Alzheimer’s. Many pharma companies are now setting aside a lot of research funds to discover more benefits of CBD and also support current claims. 

In the US, CBD has strict federal laws but a lot of states have kind of eased them realising its importance. Marijuana and pot are still illegal but hemp had been legalised last year after Congress passed the farm bill. Earlier this year too, the bipartisan States Act was reinstated in Congress. This legislation amended the controlled substances act which makes cannabis legal in states.

On one of the legislations this week the US House of Representatives are looking forward to giving their votes. This legislation is known as the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking act which will give protections for various financial institutions that are in the state authorised cannabis and other auxiliary business. 

Martha Stewart also feels strongly for Cannabis. In one of her open discussions with Canopy’s CEO she hoped and wanted the laws to be less stringent for cannabis and becomes completely legal. People still do not feel right about it with several illusions of their own. Some even have connected it with crimes hence awareness is extremely important. 

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To Martha, the business of CBD was not just because her belief in CBD is strong. She also wants to be a part of the emerging CBD business. Martha is quite famous for her cooking books and being in that profession she also hopes that one day she could do some serious cooking with Cannabis. But currently, she has her hands full and only focusing on CBD products for homes and pets. 

CBD needs more awareness to boost its prospects. Although the number of people having confidence in it is increasing yet there is a lot more to be desired. Bigger personalities also are showing their support due to which people are sitting up and noting. 

Farmers and cultivators also are supporting the CBD oil business by growing the hemp plant. All they have to take care of is that the THC level doesn’t cross the legal ceiling. Research also is underway but not in the manner it should be. The government should provide necessary support and hopefully, in the future, it will do. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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