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American actress Malika Haqq vouches for CBD oil in helping mitigate her stress and anxiety

Malika Haqq

Anxiety, stress and depression often form a part and parcel in the life of popular stars that experience overwhelming stardom. One such star is Malika Haqq who has been extremely open about her experience with anxiety. Malika Haqq is a popular American actress and also considered to be among the inner circle of the Kardashian sisters. 

In one of her talks with PEOPLE, the 36-year-old revealed her real-life struggles with dealing with anxiety and depression in most of her adult life. As we are all aware, anything to do with stress is actually in our minds but Malika also believes that dealing with these problems are tough and challenging. Over time, Malika has openly discussed these issues which can help people who are facing them too. 

She advises people to stay away from gossips and backbites. It is important to keep thinking positive and focus on your well-being. Rather than wasting time on understanding what one is saying about you, it is important to stay away from all of it. 

She also mentions that the most appropriate way to handle anything that is to face it hands-on and be very honest about it. Getting help does not imply that the sufferer has to scream and shout for help. The scope for dramatics should be zilch, yet the challenge is that people don’t recognise this as a serious issue. 

People with stress are always fearful that people will misjudge them. Stars also face a lot of struggle in their career and to acknowledge the struggle can be a big way of off-loading the weight that one carries. Malika too faced a lot of unhappy stress moments that baffled her beyond doubt. She also talks about her therapy and her ingestion of Xanax which she was prescribed for her condition. But with Xanax, she was doubtful about the intake and harmful effects her body might be engulfed with. 

After much research, Malika came into contact with Beam which is a Boston based CBD care centre that gave her the advice of taking organic and THC free CBD medication. CBD has taken the medicine industry by storm. It has boosted the global markets with people becoming incessantly positive about its treatment wonders. 

CBD is a hemp-derived compound that has anti-inflammatory properties. When compared to marijuana, it has no mind-changing effects. Back then and now, people still do not discuss openly marijuana because the nasty addiction it traps people into. The intake of marijuana in the form of pot and weed is harmful and paves way for long term repercussions. The primary reason for CBD being a safer bet is because it has very little THC as compared to marijuana. The presence of THC has its ill-effects which are found in lesser proportion in CBD. Over the years many medical problems like stress, anxiety, epilepsy, joint pains, accident discolouration and even cancer have been effectively treated by it. 

A lot of companies are engaged in full-time research to explore potential benefits which are hitherto unravelled. FDA has till date approved the usage of CBD for child epilepsy yet the market remains unregulated. 

Malika has found CBD very effective for her compared to her earlier medication. She believes that she is taking CBD because she is not in taking anything harmful. She has also started advocating the use of CBD to people who suffer from the issue. 

She takes the formulation in her morning tea and feels better and balanced. Her anxiety has mostly stemmed from the fact that she is highly disciplined and extremely critical of herself. To her professionalism is key but it had stressed her a lot. With CBD making her feel better, yet the challenges remain the same. But with CBD she feels equipped to fight with her conditions in a better fashion. 

With influential people now suggesting and spreading the word about the benefits, people are aware and are continually doing their research. A lot is yet to be figured out because research is underway, but with little research already done, CBD has surely captured hearts. 

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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