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The ‘White Shark’ of the Golfing world to launch his CBD products

Greg Norman Launch His CBD Products

Image Source : stuartmagazine

We are all aware of how this year has been extremely popular for CBD. We saw many people dive into the prospective plant seeing innumerable opportunities generate out of it. Popular figures and personalities who have been using these products for various causes are bringing different product ranges of CBD in different categories to get the best out of it. 

Along the lines of Kim Kardashian and popular sportspersons, Greg Norman too has decided to plunge in the CBD business with his new range of CBD products. 

Popularly known as the Great White Shark of the Golfing world, and former world champion, Greg Norman announced on Tuesday about his new product launch. The range of products so launched is for men and women who have a very busy and active schedule. 

The product collection will be manufactured from CBD’s origin plant called the Indian hemp plant in addition to various ingredients that will be generated from his home country that also will include the Tasmanian Bluegum for comforting, Kunzea Oil for sore muscles and Australian sea salt for complete body rejuvenation. 

Each product that has been launched under his belt contains specifications of the amount of CBD in it. The line of products that are included in it are:

Warm-Up Muscle Rub containing 250 mg CBD

Cool-Down Muscle Gel containing 500 mg CBD

Revitalizing Muscle Soak containing 250 mg CBD

Facial care products including Shave Cream with 100 mg CBD

 Aftershave (200 mg CBD) and Facial Cleanser (75 mg CBD)

The CBD line of products has been initiated by Norman in collaboration with Green Growth Brands and Authentic Brands group. The main idea of this partnership was to ensure that people can get the best out of Cannabis and CBD. The leaders of the partner organizations also believe that there cannot be a better sportsperson than Greg to lead the front for promoting these products because of his clear visualization of the product.

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CBD oil or cannabidiol, a hemp generated substance has a very little psychoactive compound or THC in it compared to marijuana. Both hail from the Cannabis Sativa family yet is different because marijuana has abundant levels of THC levels which can be addictive and intoxicating. The feeling of high associated with marijuana is not the same with CBD which makes the person feel better after taking it. 

CBD also has been associated with several medical ailments and people have testified the immense benefits that they have received as a result. The current line of products launched covers wellness and problems associated with leading a stressful life. Sore muscle and pain management seem synonymous with CBD and investing in this stream seems like a prudent decision by Greg Norman. 

There have been a host of other ailments with which CBD has been positively associated. Recently Epidiolex which is a popular CBD infused drug was legalized by the US FDA for its wonderful effects against the disease. The reduced rate of seizures and in many cases, the disappearance of seizures has given a new lease of hope to the sufferers. 

Deadly diseases like Cancer also have seen CBD reducing the side-effects of chemo sessions. It has proved to be an effective partner or an alternative therapy against cancer. Although no claims can yet be made that it treats cancer, it surely can be said that it helps in easing the symptoms of it. With more and more money being poured in CBD business and research CBD is getting bigger and better with every passing day.

Like Norman, several athletes believe that playing a sport can be fulfilling but it does take a toll on one’s life. Playing such sports not only affects physically but also emotionally and such products can be extremely helpful for people to overcome stress and relax. 

In an interview, Norman said that he had been a professional golfer for 40 years and is still very active and agile. He has already hit millions of golf balls and that it can be painful and strenuous. CBD products have found a favorable position amongst many golfers of this generation. Many prominent golf players like Bubba Watson, Charley Hoffman, and Lucas Glover have signed endorsement deals with CBD companies. On several PGA tours, the popularity of CBD has soared even higher. 

With these new ranges of products, Greg believes that every man and woman deserves to lead a physically active lifestyle. These products will help them magically bust stress and anxiety.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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