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Kiwi pop musician chooses CBD oil over chemotherapy in cancer battle

Dean Sutherland

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Dean Sutherland, a famous pop musician, is turning his back on the conventional treatments for cancer only to choose cannabis oil and other natural remedies. While the doctors are quite stunned by his decision when detected with fourth stage cancer, Sutherland remains positive.

Sutherland had major hits back in the 1980s and the 90s with Satellite Spies and was known for his artistic talents. He was initially diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a common skin cancer in 2017. The first cancer showed up at the base of his tongue after which the tumours spread to his neck.

He took radiation treatment for some while and thought that he had the tumours under control. However, Sutherland is still waiting on his reports for the radiation treatment to confirm whether the treatment was effective and if the cancer has spread to his lungs and liver.

Sutherland, 58, declined to go for chemotherapy and instead is choosing cannabis oil combined with a natural diet and strong herbs to cure his cancer. Sutherland lost weight, down from 80 kgs to just 49 kgs.

He says that he has the body of a 14- year-old boy now and had to change his entire wardrobe to fit into the clothes that weren’t hanging down his body. He is taking apricot seeds and concentrated CBD oil which he sources from a friend. Apricot seeds or kernels can cause cyanide poisoning if consumed in high doses.

A 2017 study showed in the British Medical Journal found an Australian man who consumed 2 tablespoons of home-made apricot kernel extract and three Novodalin, or herbal fruit kernel supplement tablets every day for five years had 25 times the acceptable levels of cyanide in his body.

Despite the hedonism of the New Zealand music scenario in the 80s, the pop star says that it is his first time ever with a drug and especially with medical marijuana.

“I’ve never smoked or taken any drugs in my life. As a young man I was made fun of because I didn’t get involved in drugs.”

Cannabinoid oil is gaining popularity for its potential health benefits, though there are no research or international standards backing up the claims, users have had quite a good effect of the substance. The federal law legalized CBD derived from hemp plant which is a cannabis genus plant.

CBD is essentially a non-psychoactive compound with anti-inflammatory properties that can help lower anxiety, stress, depression, relieve pain, swelling and also treat epilepsy and seizures. The FDA approves CBD to be used only in a specific drug used to treat 2 rare forms of epilepsy found in children.

The agency is yet to determine CBD’s effects and set regulatory policies for CBD infused foods and drinks. It will hold a public hearing in May to discuss the subject and set norms against the regulatory issues.

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Till then, consumers have taken control in their own hands, believing the drug comes with ample of health benefits.

Sutherland is even planning to sell his house in Papakura, south Auckland and use the proceeds to buy some of the alternative medicines which are banned in New Zealand. Sutherland also plans to record an album of songs that he has been working on for more than a decade now. The songs are dedicated to his late parents and his four children, also wishes to re-record Satellite spies best known song Destiny in Motion which was a hit in the 1984.

The band was formed in the year 1984 by Sutherland and Mark Loveys, and had a major, charted hit the following year with Destiny in Motion. He also reached number 9 on the music charts in 1994 with the quite famous It Must Be Love.

“You’ve just got to roll with the cards you’ve been dealt. I’m not bitter or angry.”

Sutherland discussed about how his doctors were pleasantly surprised with his positive outlook towards his cancer. His doctor ever said, ‘you’re the happiest guy that I’ve ever seen with cancer’. The music star says that he does not believe in spreading negativity and that a disease wouldn’t change him as a person, no matter how many years he gets to live or the doctors tell him.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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