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Kirsten Bell talks about her mental health issue

Kirsten Bell talks about her mental health issue

Mental health is not an easy topic to deal with. People who are prone to depression and anxiety often do not come out in the open because people do not treat it with graveness it deserves. Recently Kirsten Bell came out in public to discuss her condition. She minced no words when she aligned herself to a group of women who suffer from serious ‘serotonin imbalance’ that led her to suffer from acute depression and anxiety.

Kirsten Bell was recently doing a cover story interview for a famous woman’s health magazine. The actor in the interview talked about how she dealt with her problems. At first, it was very embarrassing for her to reveal her issue because of the shame people attached to the cause, but, later she began to feel that as a celebrity she has to unveil the issue. People often look to celebrities to be the perfect brand ambassadors for all things right which made Kirsten come out in the open to discuss her issue. In the interview, she mentions that she feels responsible for people who look up to her and she must bring up the issue.

She remembered the time when she decided not to bring up the issue thinking that people might not be comfortable accepting her as one depressed person. Her image has always been one that of a chirpy and bubbly human being and that is what is portrayed about her. This made her shy away from discussing the real issue that she was facing.

In the interview with the magazine, she decided to spill the beans about her diet and medication that she took. Her medication includes CBD oil, an anti-depressant which helped her overcome bouts of low feelings and serotonin imbalance,  and some herbal medicines to balance it all.

CBD oil has become a sensation especially after the farm bill was passed in 2018. As an anti-depressant CBD oil is consumed by many people across the globe. It serves as a wonderful ingredient to battle depression and sleeplessness. CBD oil takers also believe in its capacity to overcome symptoms related to severe epilepsy and cancer. A few cancer afflicted patients stand by their decision to take CBD oil for cancer. They truly believe that their life has been extended because of CBD. But, there is no scientific evidence linking this hemp-derived substance to curing cancer or any life-threatening disease for that matter.

People have also gone about and changed their diet to complement the benefits that CBD is giving them. As for Kirsten Bell, she is currently focusing on not wavering from her vegetarian status. Her current diet includes spinach, egg whites, tomato and feta for breakfast. Her lunch is a mish-mash of salad ingredients that include lettuce, avocados, carrots, blue cheese, and cucumber. Between her lunch and breakfast, she does not forget the hemp shake that gives her the required zest. The article also mentioned that her dinner comprises of chickpea pasta with cherry tomatoes and olive oil.

Her diet is not restrictive because she also indulges in comfort food once in a while. Anyone who is facing depression should focus then on the portions they take. CBD combined with a great diet is said to work wonders to the body and that she believes to be the reason behind her physical and mental fitness. Her mindful eating is what makes her an icon for a healthy body and mind.

Kirsten’s belief in CBD has not a bit shaken because of the benefits it has given her. Like her many celebrities and common people have come forward and expressed their wide support for CBD despite doctors being cautious around it. CBD has a lot of misconceptions surrounding it because ill-informed people tend to equate it to marijuana, a dreaded controlled substance. In reality, both are different mainly because of the THC level in it. While Marijuana has good amounts of THC in it, CBD and legal hemp supposedly do not exceed 0.3% THC levels.

Kirsten Bell has always been a responsible celebrity. Her issue with mental health was first disclosed by her back in 2018 for another prime magazine. Her sole motive is to make people realize that mental health is as regular an ailment like any physical problem. It does not have to be envisioned with a spectacled vision of shame and guilt.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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