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Your job is in danger if you use CBD products

Your job is in danger if you use CBD products

CBD is derived from the hemp plant which is a part of the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD or cannabidiol has less than 0.3% THC, which is the main psychoactive compound found in abundance in Marijuana. The psychoactive compounds are solely responsible for changing the way the mind thinks.

 It also leads to addiction especially when you continually smoking pot and weed. CBD in comparison to Marijuana stands a low-risk zone but now with the products you use that contain CBD you might just lose your job. Your jobs are in jeopardy even if you are using legal products.

With the legalisation of hemp plant under the Farm 2018, growing hemp and CBD containing less than 0.3% THC is permissible under the law. With the passage of necessary bills, advocates of CBD were rejoicing. The market was inundated with several CBD products which people used for various issues including pain and sleep. 

On similar lines, one of the federal enforcement officers was tested positive in a drug test! He started using CBD oil for severe back pain issues for some time. When he went to the store to buy it, he was informed that the product had no THC and that it was safe to use. Keeping this mind, he started using it for his back issues without giving it a second thought. But as fate had it, he was tested positive for the drug test. He now feels cornered because he can’t prove to the authorities that he hasn’t taken marijuana. 

The result of all this was he was asked to leave without his name being made public. He chose to retire because he was temporarily suspended from duty. His career was cut short because of a shopkeeper who could give accurate information about the product. The same has happened with many people which are why Don Mihalek, the executive director of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association implies that these incidents should be a lesson to all. 

He also said that the laws surrounding the enforcement are still not clear. There are not many organisations who want to explicitly discuss the issue. Even the drug test industry has not come out with any statement or enforcement. 

Dr Michael Kosnett, famous toxicologist with the University of Colorado believes that testing seeks the only metabolite of THC rather than metabolite of CBD. He also wants the drug testing industry to collaborate and conduct tests suitably. 

But evolution is the rule for survival and with time, tests will surely become clearer and much relevant. It also has to evolve because right now there is no way of differentiating THC level organisation. Intoxication alone is not seen but the tests are biased because only THC’s are seen in the urine test. 

Another problem concerning CBD is that there are hardly any regulations. Every state has a separate law which may or may not be different from federal laws. According to one study, about 70% of the products containing CBD are not labelled appropriately. 

After the officer retired a memo was sent to all federal employees warning them against the usage of such products. They were informed that if they took such products they will be tested positive for marijuana and can lose their jobs. There is just no way to figure out whether the THC from marijuana or CBD. The only way out is if the person had a valid prescription. Congress had passed the law but the Department of defence also has prohibited the use of CBD products. 

CBD has gained a lot of popularity in the healthcare industry. People suffering from joint pains, injury pain, seizures, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Although nothing confirmed can be said about the long term effects of these CBD drugs, people have experienced relief from the conditions. 

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But the current laws are a bit confusing which need to be reviewed. There are close to 40 million drug tests in the US each year but with changing times, these tests remain stagnant. 

Suzanne Summerlin, general counsel for the National Federation of Federal Employees is not happy with these tests and wants to challenge it if it happened to her. She also mentioned that intention also is important. If the intention was to use for medical reasons then it should have been accommodated. Hence it is better to avoid using any CBD products if your current job might ask you to test drug. 

If you have to take CBD infused drugs then there has to be a legitimate prescription from a certified practitioner. This federal officer who was suspended also contacted the I-team office but no help could be given to him. He now regrets his decision to take the product for the pain.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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