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Several celebrities including Prince Harry have shown the importance of being mentally agile

Prince Harry have shown the importance of being mentally agile

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The World Mental Health day just went by, but ironically this is a problem which people do not like talking about much. But, there is one person who has made his mind to create more awareness about it and that is Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex. The cause to create awareness is very close to Prince Harry’s heart because he lost his mother very early. 

Prince Harry in an interview talks about his support for Mental health awareness and implied that right after his mother’s death, his life was in shambles. From the moment Princess Diana left him forever, he had become a rebellious kid with a chaotic life. Despite the tragic events that happened when he was younger, the media did not lose the chance to cover these rebellious acts. 

Prince Harry had recently given a speech in which he mentioned that if one has to be emotionally strong, the biggest prerequisite is to ask for help when needed. People usually shy away from seeking help because they are conscious of what others might think. Asking for help according to him is the best decision ever to be made by somebody.

On the world mental health day, Prince Harry also made quite a few public appearances and also shared a funny yet informative video with his friend and Brit singer Ed Sheeran. Although Sheeran was caught unaware in the video, yet his appeal and motive were strongly supported by him. The video was also uploaded on Instagram to inform people not to shy away from getting help. He also advised people to stop suffering in silence and requesting people to ask people around them about how they were doing. 

Apart from Brits, several American personalities also are taking to social media to create some awareness about the importance of having sound mental health. She put a picture of hers on the grass and also requested people to love themselves with all their strengths and weaknesses. 

The well-known celebrity Kirsten Bell, in her new cover story for a popular women’s health magazine, speaks in detail about her mental and physical well-being. She spoke about her struggle with stress and anxiety related to work and family. Her stress and anxiety were silenced with the help of CBD oil in addition to SSRI. Sometimes she used to feel immense struggle also in waking up from the bed. 

John Legend who has always supported good causes and came on Instagram with his special message. He also had an announcement to make about his new venture called “Your tour support”. This unique venture is for those who tour a lot and who want mental health help and support. The venture aims at ensuring that those on tour also can have sound mental health with the help of their mental health professionals. His main purpose in starting this idea was to help those who make a living on the road. The increasing number of suicides also was a sure shot trigger to come up with something like this. 

CBD or cannabidiol is an Indian hemp plant substance. It has no flammable properties and has found to be extremely beneficial in many industries. Marijuana which also comes from the same place as CBD is considered a drug and a controlled substance. People are currently not completely aware of the differences between CBD and Marijuana and consider it in the same league. CBD has lower levels of THC compared to marijuana which is why it is considered to be safe to use. Marijuana, on the other hand, is toxic and addictive. The long term repercussions of taking marijuana can prove fatal not just for mental health and also physical well-being.

CBD has been omnipresent in several industries including the health care industry. In the well-being sector, too many celebrities are rigorously promoting the product with immense benefits. Concerning mental health and depression, CBD has a huge following who swear by it. Post-traumatic disorder, long term depression and short term stress have been corrected by CBD and has increased the coping capability. For those who suffer from insomnia, CBD is exceptionally good for the same.

Apart from it, other medical benefits include relief from joint pains, muscle soreness, easing of symptoms of cancer and epilepsy especially seizures. 

Different people have different ways of dealing with mental health issues. Some decide to keep it to themselves, others come out in the open to deal with it. Celebrities like Kirsten Bell are taking CBD oil to overcome it. Every attempt made to curb depression is important because the disease deserves a lot more care than people choose it to give.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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