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CBD fanatic charged with 40 years in prison for illegal artificial marijuana




Business Entrepreneur lady charged with poisoning several people with her vaping product containing artificial marijuana produced illegally

In a shocking revelation, one of the establishments which have pioneered the concept of CBD to be used as a health product has been using it to include in vaping products rendering several sick.

Many people have been rushed into emergency rooms due to the inhalation of the vaping products that used it either as medication or for fun. These vapors had artificial marijuana in it which gave way to hallucinations and seizures.

In and around Salt Lake City, several people had been poisoned by a vape called Yoyo. But, in recent times vape users have been mysteriously associated with many respiratory and lung-related diseases. Due to this outbreak, more than 30 people lost their lives. With Yolo, users became aware that the product contained something that was not right. Yolo affected people in a big way but also sank without a trace in the market. The officials had no inkling about how the product came into the market.

With much commotion that Yolo created authorities deemed it right to run an investigation into the illegality of such CBD Vapes. After some passionate searching, the authorities traced it to Southern California based businesswoman. The habit of vaping of the businesswoman led her to make a change in his career which prompted her to supply the product.

The time when Janell Thompson shifted from Utah to San Diego in 2010, she discovered that her roommate also used vaping products. Thompson was into financial services and then it was a decision based on common interest. They formed a company called Hookahzz which dealt with e-Cigarettes.

The entrepreneur pair saw a lot of success in their initial days of business. They also distributed their vaping products at the Emmy awards pre-party. Their Vapes were also included in the Oscar Nominee gift bags and this got promoted in a big way. The two women were also known as the ‘Divas of CBD’. 

For people who do not know much about CBD, it is a substance that is extracted from the hemp plant. Unlike Marijuana, CBD has medicinal properties because it is anti-inflammatory. The psychoactive compound, THC is only to the extent of 0.3% in it. Marijuana is addictive although comes from the same plant. Excessive smoking of pot or weed is harmful and intoxicating and has health hazards associated with it. 

CBD or cannabidiol is now a popular product that is sold in many places in edibles, medicines and skin care products also. The ingredient is considered illegal in many states and legal in others. Seeing the success of their products, they then brought out their CBD capsules and other edibles. 

In 2017, during the autumn season, the pair formed another company called Mathco Health Corporation. They then brought out the Yolo containing synthetic marijuana which was also called K2 or spice. The racks in Salt Lake City were full of this product. The artificial marijuana can easily be made for less than half the cost of CBD which is extracted from industrial hemp. Yolo claimed 11 deaths in Europe.

Yolo claimed lives because it gave a high. Investigators researched various stores but were empty-handed as the product packaging had no information. Tatianna in her investigator saw that Yolo was indeed the main culprit behind it and a complaint was filed against the MATHCO.

She informed through her investigation that the company had no promotion material but the employees knew that it gave higher profits than any other product. US Attorney called Thompson a drug peddler who used JK wholesale to distribute volumes of synthetic marijuana in 2014. Currently, Thompson faces 40 years in prison. 

Surprisingly after several investigations, the other business partner and former roommate of Thompson disowned her claim on the product. She put it all on her partner saying that it was her idea to bring in the product. As of now, Maloney is not charged under federal laws. 

She also claimed that she was no more a partner at the organizations and confidently asserted that in Utah Yolo was not bought by them. She assured the authorities that MATHCO is far from involving itself in any illegal drugs or products containing them. Their products comply with every law on board. She also claimed that their products were tested in the lab for their efficacy. 

Incidents like these prompt people to not trust CBD products despite them being different. They have already done well for the medical world despite doctors not supporting them due to a lack of scientific evidence. But, no one can deny how CBD has changed the lives of many people who suffer from epilepsy, cancer and other life-taking diseases. People who suffer from short term and long term depression, joint pains, and muscle soreness also have immensely benefited from it. 

But situations like these scare people into trying this substance out.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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