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West Hollywood gets its first Cannabis Cafe

Hollywood gets its first Cannabis Cafe

West Hollywood is adorned with many restaurants and one such restaurant that opened on October 1’st is the unique Lowell Cafe that allows the customers to smoke marijuana inside. The first of the kind restaurant has got the required license from the authorities has opened with much fanfare.

A regular working restaurant with the usual fun, lip-smacking food, and plush ambiance, this restaurant is not even close to what stereotypical thinkers make of it. The restaurant has planned the outlet of smoke with a customised air-filtration system that sucks up the air and filters smoke where people are smoking weed.

Restaurant director Kevin Brady is super excited to share his happiness with friends and families. He informed that the families of his friends and friends of friends are excited to explore the place and want to bring in their family and kids. He compares the place to Disney Land where the entire family can enjoy.

A flower host or a budtender will be ready to welcome you when you visit the restaurant. The budtender will also give the customer a cannabis guide to take the customer through various types offered. The flower host will then interrogate on your past experiences with Cannabis or CBD and based on the data the host will design your order. The server will take orders for the food curated by the host. You can also order non-alcoholic beverages from here.

The menu and the drinks will be available according to the season’s availability. The prime suppliers of the products will be Lowell Farms organic cannabis farm located in Santa Barbara County which is the parent company behind the restaurant.

The flavors and the presentation of food are dependent on the various profiles in the strains of cannabis. Chef Andrea Drummer also suggests that based on the dish ordered a product will be ideated to smoke or vape with. The opening menu will have different dishes like cheese bites, vegan nachos, tamarind wings, avocado hummus and much more. This Cannabis restaurant has a different concept and in sync with the popularity of cannabis and CBD

CBD is anti-inflammatory and is derived from the hemp plant. The hemp plant and Marijuana both belong to the Cannabis Sativa family. Marijuana has a high THC level which is the psychoactive compound responsible for altering the mind. CBD on the other end does not make one feel high but surely makes one feel better. It has less than 0.3% of THC which does not produce mind-changing effects.

CBD in the medical world has created a niche for itself. CBD for medicinal use is embraced widely but in other forms is stigmatised the way marijuana is. But for the benefit of those who are suffering from different ailments, CBD is extremely useful in treating them. Severe cases of epilepsy had rendered the patients with many seizures in a day. But with CBD infused drugs, seizures don’t occur even once in ten months and it has eased the patients to a level that they can lead their lives normally. Apart from epilepsy, CBD also helps in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression and joint pains.

The restaurant has shattered every ceiling to conceptualise something new. But you have to keep in mind certain do’s and don’ts when you come here.

The Do’s

  • You should have a valid ID proof and should be 21 or above
  • You are allowed to smoke joint or vape in the dining area or the patio
  • If you bring your smoke or eatables then you have to trade it with a tokage fee
  • You can bring your bongs or rent from the restaurant
  • Reservation should be done at least 30 days in advance
  • Walk-ins are allowed but will be available subject to accessibility
  • You will enjoy the most if you pair bud with food

The Don’ts

  • The leftover food cannot be taken as parcels back home
  • Only the side patio can be used for smoking. You cannot smoke on the front patio as the license forbids them to do it in the open
  • Don’t drink on the side patio because you can do that in the front patio
  • Don’t smoke beyond your capacity. The flower host will check on your intake between your experiences just to ensure that you are not debilitated.

The restaurant surely has some surprises up its sleeves. It is planning to start at 10.00 AM and will end its day at 10.00 PM. It is seeking permission to keep it open till 2.00 AM and this could be happening by Halloween. The director is also looking forward to starting a breakfast menu. With this, the café will start at8.00 AM and this could be happening by mid-November.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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