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Hepatitis A attacking the Disney World restaurants might be something to lookout




Recently, a restaurant worker of Walt Disney World, Orlando was found diagnosed with Hepatitis A. The Florida’s Department of Health has confirmed this news mentioning no other employees or guest have been infected or found with such symptoms.

Hepatitis A is a dangerous contagious liver infection which spread through food, drinks, and objects contaminated by stool from an infected person. There is more probability to receive this infection through sexual or close contact with the person who is already diagnosed with it. The infection develops severe symptoms in someone like high fever, abdominal pain, darkened urine and nausea which could be life-threatening as well.

The WFTV health agency which works with Disney has provided vaccines to all the staff members of the Disney. The Health officials said that the suffering employee was a part at Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue which is a dinner theatre option in the Magic Kingdom Resort. The Officials confirmed the virus in that employee last week after doing a full medical test. They also said people who consumed any food or drink in that restaurant from November 6 to November 19 might have been in a chance to get affected. Whoever has visited the restaurant during this period should contact their healthcare provider as soon as possible to get the vaccine. Adding to this the WFTV is also offering free vaccines to the uninsured residents of the Orange Country by just dialling their toll-free number.

According to a survey by the officials of Health Department, there is a hike in the number of Hepatitis A cases since June 2018. Almost 5000% cases of Hepatitis A in Orange Country is generally transmitted the locals only. This percentage is greater than the previous year average of 5 years calculated on 1.4 cases per year.

Erica the spokesperson of Walt Disney World told that they won’t return to the workplace until they would full get declared by the Department of Health. She further added that safety is the first concern for them and they would start working immediately after any clearance from the Health Department. She also said that their cast members and guests have all the rights to protect themselves and the Department of Health have to take all the responsibilities to ensure everything is positive or not.

Although the restaurant and its nearby places were cleaned and sanitized in an abundance of caution and the restaurant have been opened after the cleanup process, the local people are still waiting for the final assurance declaring the place virus or infection free by the Health Department.

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