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Functional Remedies’ Hemp Oil users, the PGA Tour Champions, Scott Hoch and Tom Pernice Jr. Win Bass Pro Shops Legends for Golf




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Scott Hoch and Tom Pernice Jr. recently took home a team win in the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Gold at Big Cedar in Ridgedale, Missouri. Both the golf players are known to be using CBD oil from Functional Remedies, the only vertically integrated hemp oil company from quite some time now. The company congratulated two of its leading PGA Tour Champions hemp oil users for their victory in their recent competition.

At 63 years old, Scott Hoch is the oldest player of the TOUR Champions and has had been associated with a lot of companies and brand endorsements over the past years. He said he is quite a tough nut to crack when it comes to brand endorsements, he relies on his own experience with the product more than their marketing pitch to him. Hoch said he has been using EndoSport on his wrist before he leaves for the course.

Hoch and Pernice Jr. are part of a growing roster of more than 90 players on the PGA Tour and TOUR Champions. Scott McCarron and Brandt Jobe are another set of players in the team who took fifth at the Bass Pro Shops event, both trust and use Functional Remedies EndoSport as a part of their daily regime on the tour.

Tom Pernice Jr. said that he loves the product and wouldn’t leave home without it. He further explained how the CBD oil from Functional Remedies has become a part of his routine. Tony Tomassini, the CMO of Functional Remedies said “I’m literally in awe of these athletes.” He said that even though these players are well into their 50’s, they put in tremendous efforts and strain on their bodies every single day training and competing. Tomassini says Functional Remedy is proud to be helping and supporting these rock star roster of players who believe in EndoSport hemp oil and trust their product to create a balance in their lives.

Functional Remedies is growing at a tremendous rate, it has recently signed its first ultra-marathon athlete, Jonathan Van Dyke, as their official brand ambassador. The company has also expanded their sports retail reach into cycling, fitness, tennis, and endurance.

Functional Remedies produces a wide variety of products that are infused with CBD or cannabidiol. CBD is basically a compound found in hemp plant, a cannabis genus plant which has anti-inflammatory properties. It is popular for its healing nature, from reducing stress, anxiety, depression, pain, swelling, inflammation to curing severe ailments such as cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

Though there are no recognized study or research which backs up these claims, people using CBD oil have shown signs of improvement in their health. The federal law in U.S. allows CBD products with 0.3% of THC, the psychoactive component. THC or tetrahydro cannabinoid is the chemical which is responsible for giving the ‘high’ when people smoke pot. It alters the state of mind and can cause permanent mental disorders if used for a longer period of time with high potency.

Functional Remedies produces the only hand pressed, liquid-infused hemp oil, derived from dense, nutrient based hemp plants. The CBD oil is formulated using a proprietary whole plant, lipid infusion process which results in highly efficacious products that render the highest possible entourage effect. These products are far better than CBD isolate and concentrated products which are created using CO2 and chemical extraction process.

Functional Remedies has managed to create a prominent space in the CBD industry with its unique USP. It is the only vertically integrated company with complete control over its products, from farm to cultivation to finished goods. The power to manage and regulate actions throughout their production process yields them more control over how effectively they can serve consumers on a global scale.

It uses the most reliable and independent labs to test and verify the quality of their products. From ingredient specifications to phytonutrient content, everything is balanced and verified before it goes for further processing.

I'm Ivan Green. I worked as a former journalist and a member of the 'Writers for Marijuana Society'. I spend my most of the time in covering Cannabis News all over the world. You can ask questions or send feedback on

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