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Hemp and CBD do not come under controlled substances say the law enforcement agencies

Hemp and CBD do not come under controlled substances

With the recent boom in CBD products and industry, CBD has been counted upon as one of the most beneficial plant or ingredients that help in curing several ailments. The justice department of US has deliberated more research on marijuana. This has brought a lot of comments from the media and the public. The justice department has also given out a press release which is what several businesses of Nebraska are waiting to hear. 

The authorities gave everyone a reason to cheer when it announced that CBD does not feature in the list of controlled substances. CBD or cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant that has THC levels. CBD, unlike marijuana, has less than 0.3% delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC

Marijuana comes under controlled substances chiefly because the THC level in it is on the higher side. When you smoke weed or pot continually, it gives rise to addiction paving the way for long term repercussions often irreversible. CBD does not take you on a high but rather makes you feel better after its usage. 

Ever since CBD has become popularised in the market, there has been a confusing state of regulations surrounding it. For a long time, Nebraska was facing this issue like never before until the Drug Enforcement Agency and Department of Justice began taking the matter in their own hands. They have finally cleared the air regarding hemp plant which is an extract from cannabis Sativa. 

It also produces marijuana but its inclusion in controlled substances is completely understandable. Now the agencies can understand its stand on these products. The stand was important to take because the lack of clarity was making it difficult for the law enforcement agencies to initiate any law against any usage.

Concerning possession and distribution, the law was confusing everyone but very recently Nebraska’s attorney general Doug Peterson told a new channel at the Capitol building hall that the official statement surrounding the hemp confusion will be announced later. CBD has been seen as a wonder component in both health care and wellness industry for some time now. The potential benefits of CBD in medicines have been realised by many researchers which is why they are keen to give more time to study it. 

CBD has been effective in the cure of epilepsy and seizures. It also was seen effective in the case of joint pain, recovery after accident injuries, cancer and many more diseases. Seizures which was untreatable for a long time, has now CBD to treat it with great effectiveness. 

The entire scheme of things worked out following a memo from the attorney general’s office before state announcement from the lawmakers of Nebraska. This memo was to bring out the differences between hemp and marijuana which also worked as a base for a CBD store raid in Herman.

The local prosecutor charged with felony charges three times but the judge chided it away every time it was appealed. But every time a deliberation was made, the attorney general pushed it again. Many prosecution offices are releasing a statement saying that CBD is surely not dangerous because it does not resemble marijuana in any way. They have mentioned that CBD is different from Cannabis CBD and it was getting very difficult to differentiate especially from the legal side of the case.

President Donald Trump signed the Farm bill in 2018 and according to the supporting Agriculture improvement act, hemp was excluded from all its similarities drawn to marijuana. Hemp and CBD are extracts of Cannabis Sativa is now absolutely legal to grow and use further because of the lower THC levels. THC is the most important benchmark that one sees while differentiating the two. This is a psychoactive compound that alters the functioning of the mind and brain. 

Now that CBD is slowly getting recognised, people are keen to learn more about it. Many more studies are been undertaken primarily to understand the benefits even more. These studies will also corroborate many more claims before CBD gets its full nod. 

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The Federal laws are also operating under a confused state. On one hand, several states have their laws and on the other hand, federal laws have disbarred the process. That is why state laws have a different set of regulation mainly legally allowing growth, processing and distribution of hemp plant without getting into any sort of trouble. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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