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Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure Taking a Toll on US Adult Population



According to the recent reports of the American Heart Association, the main cause of death in the country is Heart diseases. Almost half of the adults in America are suffering from different categories of cardiovascular disease.

This was a report which AHA has updated and annual report in journal Circulation on Thursday. To complete this extensive report, a team of experts has gone through a deep study of the ranges of reports provided by the government and clinical trials. Finally, they came into a result that Heart failure, heart disease, high blood pressure etc are some of the major cardiovascular diseases through which the people of America are suffering.

The results conveyed that in 121.5 million of the population, 48 % of adults in America are diagnosed with all these heart diseases as mentioned above. These severe symptoms in the heart have been also contributing to the hike of the death numbers in the country. The reports also mention that in 2015, there was a count of 836,546 deaths which has increased to 840,678 in 2016.

Dr. Jessup, the member of the survey team said that people have adopted an unhealthy way of lifestyle which is the major cause of such issues. Eating junk food, smoking and taking alcohol has become an addiction for the many people not only in America but globally as well.

They further said that the adult group of society are lesser active as compared to the previous years. In 2005, there was 40.2 percent of the adults who remained active but today it went down to 26.99 in 2016. Adding to this, 27.1 5 of students in high school are involved in physical activity on daily basis.

AHA said that obesity is a consistent factor leading the population to suffer through cardiovascular disease. Most of the population prefers to sit and relax rather involving in any kind of physical activity. This is making the adults lazy as well as less concerned about their health. These factors are also leading them to high blood pressure condition.

As per the hypertension guidelines by American College of Cardiology and AHA in 2017, such issues can be prevented by controlling diabetes, high cholesterol food, smoking etc. Eating a healthy diet, indulge in daily exercises are small steps which can bring a big difference in your health.

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