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Have we finally got a ‘healthy’ cannabis-infused beer?

Cannabis Beer

Beer comes in all kinds of flavors, with the non-alcoholic variant being the most popular. Still, many feel that it doesn’t have that something extra that we’re used to having with the average pint. So, the creators of the new cannabis-infused beer wish to change all that.

Co-founder of the Ceria Brewing Co, Keith Villa said that alcohol is being consumed by fewer young people these days. They’re actually in search of an alternative that has few calories, doesn’t give you a hangover but still tastes great.

To address that need, the Ceria Brewing Co is now developing the Grainwave Belgian-Style White Ale, which is a new kind of cannabis-infused, nonalcoholic beer. Villa has also created some other iconic drinks too, like the  Blue Moon Belgian Wheat macro beer when he was working at MillerCoors.

He had left MillerCoors in 2018 to start up his own cannabis beer company in Arvada, Colorado.After experimenting with microdosing non alcoholic beer by adding 5mg of THC in every bottle, he stumbled upon this new Grainwave CBD beer.

Not your average pint of beer

The beer still has that taste, ritual that many associate with relaxation and socialization. It’s socially acceptable too, in a way that vape pens aren’t. About the flavor? – combine the taste of the regular Belgian white and add a hint of the good vibes that THC has and you get what Grainwave, is all about.

Another plus point is that the THC is in the liquid form, so your body absorbs it faster than the edible variant, that normally requires an hour for the effect to take place but this beer however, Villa says that the liquid THC starts working in within 15 minutes, the same time required for your beer to work.

Given the small quantity, you won’t have to worry about ingesting a very big dose and you normally won’t feel anything for a good twenty minutes.

A beer that’s government approved!

The TTB or Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau agency prohibits the making of any beer that includes both the THC and alcohol components. The non alcoholic variety isn’t and in Colorado, it’s the MED that oversees this.

In 2018, a Farm Bill was passed, making industrial hemp – along with CBD, legal in the US. So in other words, breweries have nothing to be worried about. They do have to contend with a lengthy, somewhat complicated process to get approval for their products.

The best approach, breweries feel, is to make the most of the American CBD trend of using their substance as an alternative pain management solution and treatment for insomnia and anxiety.

Other breweries might not have it that easy, like the Two Flowers IPA. They had to go through an entire regulators inspection ordeal before they could sell could manufacture CBD beer. For now, this brewery is selling their drink in taprooms and stores in Oregon. Federal regulation, they say is too cumbersome for them to navigate if they plan on selling elsewhere.

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You can find the ten ounce Ceria Brewery brand bottle in 50 dispensaries across Colorado for just $9. Villa says that the brand will eventually expand but only into states where CBD is legal.

Is Ceria up for the competition?

The other name making a buzz in the CBD beer pubs across Colorado is the Two Roots Brewing Co. based out of San Diego, this brand offers five types of nonalcoholic THC beer and you can get them across Nevada and California.Product development director for Two Roots Brewing, Kevin Love, says that he actually doesn’t wish to mix THC and alcohol. The reason he says is that, the whole point is to drive away from alcohol and offer more healthy alternatives.

Bar flies everywhere, be happy!

That’s because once THC beer becomes a norm, we could be looking at THC wines. Saka Wines in Napa California is planning on a new rosé infused with, – you guessed it – THC and CBD and is now available California dispensaries.

Canna Vines, another company is the same area will be selling online. They say that their CBD-infused red, white, and rosé wines will soon be available for ordering online. If you’re impatient, both companies are offering a taste test that you can find at the upcoming California Wine and Weed tour.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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