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Health Canada Licenses Two Facilities of Aurora Cannabis

aurora cannabis
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Aurora Cannabis Inc. announced that Health Canada gave full license to MedReleaf Bradford and Aurora Sky facilities to produce and sell cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

Both Sky and Bradford facilities are producing at least 128,000 kg yearly. The production results to a substantial increase in the availability of the product for the customers and domestic medical consumption. Also, it can now service the growing international market.

With past harvests exceeding estimated yields, the present production at the Aurora Sky facility justifies the production philosophy and its investment in highly automated and high-tech facilities. On the other hand, MedReleaf Bradford uses best practices determined during the integration of the two facilities. Moreover, it consistently delivers a high-quality product and exceptional yields that echoed well in the consumer and medical markets.

Aurora Sky

Aurora Sky is the company’s original “Sky Class” facility in Edmonton International Airport. It produces consistent, high quality, and remarkably cost-efficient cultivation of cannabis. The facility, at 800,000 square foot, provides massive scale, uses a large automation degree, and includes state-of-the-art technology to provide target production costs less than one dollar per gram. With the Health Canada license, Aurora Cannabis expects the use of the entire facility for cultivation in March 2019. It hopes to realize the full effect of the increased production by June 2019.

MedReleaf Bradford

MedReleaf Bradford is another high-tech production facility in Ontario. The 210,000 square foot area follows the EU GMP specifications that include 17 climate-controlled grow spaces, which are independent of each other. Thirteen of these rooms are for large-scale, hand-manicured, hang-dried production for medical and consumer markets. Aurora expects MedReleaf Bradford to have full production by April 2019 and produce around 28,000 kg of excellent cannabis yearly.

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis has headquarters in Edmonton, Canada. It produces at least 500,000 kg yearly with sales and operations in 23 countries in five continents. It is one of the leading and largest cannabis companies in the world. Moreover, Aurora is horizontally diversified and vertically integrated across all significant segments of the value chain, from facility design and engineering to genetics research and cannabis breeding, hemp and cannabis production, high value-added product development, derivatives, wholesale and retail distribution, and home cultivation.

Aurora Cannabis has organized a consistent, efficient, and uniquely advanced production strategy, based on facilities that combine leading-edge technologies across all procedures, defined by extensive customization and automation, producing a massive scale creation of a high-quality, low-cost product. The facilities produce cannabis of compelling scale, with industry-leading, high-quality yields, and low product cost per gram. They are expected to be scalable and replicable globally. Each of the facilities meets the EU GMP standards, including Aurora Deutschland, a wholly owned medical cannabis distributor in Europe.

Aside from the rapid organic growth of the company as well as the firm strategic mergers and acquisitions that include 15 wholly-owned subsidiaries, Aurora has the reputation as an employer and partner of choice in the international cannabis sector. It has investments and established strategic collaborations with different leading innovators. Aurora Cannabis is a publicly listed company in the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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