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‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Turn To CBD For Crazy anxiety levels with each episode – Lord Jones is the New favourite!

With the most awaited season of “Game of Thrones” where the Dragon Queen would fight along side the King in the North (probably), Jon Snow with the White Walkers and the Night King, people have gone crazy after the “The Long Night”. The third episode of the new season of the show was immensely longer than the usual episodes and came as a shock to many.


It was in fact, much longer than what people had bargained for. Fans across the country couldn’t unwind and fall asleep afterwards. Instead, their brains tumbled on thoughts about how Arya got into the gods wood in the first place to stab and kill the much powerful Night King. They wondered about who is going to die next, or what was the big thing Dany kept talking about throughout the episodes!


In order to settle their minds for a bit after the rough battle they saw and their drained minds, fans started turning their attention to the Lord of Light to Lord Jones.Hardcore fans of “GOT” have become consumed by the third episode, replaying it over and over, tossing and turning in their beds dubious about what happened till now and what would happen in the future.


The famous, “what do we say to the God of Death? Not Today!” has been circulating around like wildfire! Many fans have reached their threshold limits of anxiety, curiosity, contemplation and retrospection which have made them turn to CBD products looking for some peace of mind. So much so the people at Lord Jones, a brand which specializes in luxury CBD products have begun to notice a spike in their Instagram tags on Sunday nights.


Robert Rosenheck, founder of Lord Jones told HuffPost that they all are GOT fans and were delighted to see the bumper crop of social media posts last Sunday for their CBD oil. The epic Battle of Winterfell wasn’t easy to go by, and so people needed comfort which they sought in Lord Jones’ CBD products.


According to Rosenheck, CBD or cannabinoid can provide pain and anxiety relief when ingested. It can stabilize your mood and render a calm sense of well-being which is why it is not a surprise that GOT fans are turning to CBD products for their calm. Hardcore fans are invested in the season of “Game of Thrones”, with every single episode a roller coaster ride of unimaginable highs and sunken deep lows with plethora of questions just lurking around. The episodes are a cycle of anxiety which puts the “Sunday scaries” to shame, shame, shame…

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Popularly known as CBD, cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive ingredient which is derived from the hemp plant, a cannabis genus plant. It is an anti-inflammatory product which helps relieve stress, pain, anxiety, depression, improve sleep patterns, nervous system, immunity and also treats severe diseases such as epilepsy with multiple seizures in a day, Cancer and Alzheimer’s.


CBD is now being infused into lotions, creams, oils, tinctures, gummies, pills and other products to provide an easy and accessible way for consumers to get their hands on the product. Research also suggests that CBD has pain-relieving benefits which explains why patients take it to reduce their chronic pain, sore muscles, period cramps and much more. CBD products often contain THC, tetrahydro cannabinoid, a chemical found in marijuana plants which has psychoactive properties. It alters the state of mind and causes the ‘high’ that people experience after smoking weed. THC is allowed only in restricted amounts in the United States, the maximum levels of THC in a product is found to be 0.3% which is set by the federal law.


Lord Jones was named one of the best CBD brands which made a real deal with the customers. The brand is quite popular because of their CBD lotion which celebs rub on their feet to endure a night in heels on the red carpet or for instance, the recent, Met Gala. With more people relying on CBD for their basic and medicinal needs, the ingredient is bound to boost the market and the economy of the country by millions if not billions.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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