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Nanoencapsulation might just be the future of CBD oil


There has indeed been a lot of discussions and talks about CBD and its medicinal benefits. CBD has often been compared with marijuana which has the infamous reputation of causing hallucinations. The addiction to marijuana is considered bad enough but people over the years have begun to trust the CBD for its miracle treatment.

CBD has been credited with treating many issues like stress, depression, anxiety, panic, dangerous and incurable seizures, accident bruises and many other serious ailments and life taking also. Due to this CBD industry all around the globe has boosted and consumers are more than restive to learn about it.

CBD is derived from a plant called Hemp which has a lot of medicinal properties. It is considered anti-inflammatory and also credited with not having mind-altering elements which marijuana has.

Marijuana addicts usually get high when they smoke pot or weed because of its psychoactive properties that meddle with the mind. This meddling results in health issues and resulting in long term issues which are irreversible. People have been talking about marijuana and its evils. Usually, people refrain from discussing it as it is quite a sensitive point to talk about.

With nanotechnology making waves everywhere and having everything small is the new lingo. Cannabis too now relies on nanotechnology for its future because it is considered the next best thing to take and efficiently handle CBD products.

The technology in questions necessarily and usefully compacts the CBD and THC into small size particles which make it easily absorbable. Being smaller in size, it will also reach the intended part of the body sooner. But on the hindsight, these tiny particles can be potent because they will be packaged in a hard capsule. But these capsules are easily dissolvable in the water when it comes into contact with the inner body.

The benefits with nanotechnology and including the entire formulation in a nano pill will reduce risks of overdosage and dangers associated with inhalation. NanoSphere Health science is one company that has spearheaded the path to nanotechnology which is surely transitioning the CBD industry.

The CBD industry is highly haphazard and Sutton in one of the technical articles related to Cannabis mentioned that Cannabis has been a topic of concern for a very long time. The only issue with it was since there is no regulation in the market people usually forget the dosages and also face inhalation dangers that cause lung disorders.

Up to now, all the studies conducted have been done so on rodents but with the formulation of Evolve Nanoserum, which is an accurate mixture of terpenes and Cannabinoid which could help reduce pain and stress.

The formula currently is been tested with the help of human blood which is more reliable. Based on NanoSphere and following suit is Honest marijuana that is investing its time and resources into developing nano Cannabinoid that will help the bloodstream to catch the medicine easier.

Companies now are talking about creating smaller versions of Cannabinoid that will be fast effective, not noticeable and less of a mess. People will be able to ingest the pill in a jiffy without getting their hands dirty. CBD now a part of many regular consumed products like a gummy bear will not run the risk of putting on weight for the takers when taken in this version. It will also spare you from the horror of a terrible smell that it gives when taken in a non-nano form.

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Now companies are realizing the importance of how restricting the use of CBD can increase demand, but there has to be some way to standardize it. Cannabinoid also has a lot of side-effects coming with it. People need to research a lot more before deciding to go for it.

Consumers do not realise the quantity they take because there is no regulatory authority restricting the volume. This, in turn, adds danger to the situation of being vulnerable to many side-effects. The move to adopt nano-technology is an investment in the right direction. It also will streamline production which will help companies to save costs. The ultimate benefit will reach the customer because they will understand their limitations regarding consumption.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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