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Fresh laws and policy for children needing CBD oil in Fairfax country public schools

Fairfax country public schools

A new policy has been implemented by the Fairfax County school board concerning CBD oil and THC-A. A new policy has been adopted by the authorities who will have an impact on how school nurses can give Cannabidiol and THC-A oil to students.

The new policy lays down policies that will talk about how nurses and employees in the school can give and administer the CBD oil to kids who need it. The said policy is in alignment with the Virginia law that came into effect on July 1’st this year.

The state laws treat the controversial and much talked about CBD oil treatment equivalent to another treatment or prescription that is given to a child for different reasons. CBD off late has gained inwards in many countries and has posited itself as a reliable substance to counter several ailments that people are suffering from. In many countries, it has enjoyed a legal status. Canada last year in October had legalized recreational Cannabis which has gone a long way in resting the fears of people towards it.

CBD or cannabidiol erupts from the Indian hemp plant which in turn comes from the cannabis Sativa plant. Marijuana also likes hemp comes from the same plant family and often mixed up CBD. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and also less than 0.3% of THC which does not let the person feel high when taken. Marijuana results in addiction and long term depression and the struggle to overcome the addiction can get tough. 

In the case of Fairfax County, the state laws have mentioned that nurses employed with the school and health department workers who are assigned to a particular school cannot be questioned or prosecuted for having supplies of CBD oil or THC-A oil. The supplies will be kept to give them to students who need it because of some conditions they are suffering from. The only condition is that the parents and the students should ensure that they have a valid prescription that will give them the right to source these medications from school.

The prescription for the oil will be treated as a regular prescription by the doctor hence it was important to have these laws in place. The law has also put forth that it wants the school board to own up the law and start practicing it in sync with the Virginia state law. Under the law, school boards have to adopt the policy under the Fairfax County public schools policy. They can be administered CBD oil or THC-A but with a medical authorization form that has to be signed by a medical or osteopathic expert who is licensed under medical laws. 

The forms merely will not work unless the details have been elucidated in them.  The forms have to indicate the reason why the particular medication is given to them, the amount of dosage the person has to be administered and how often the dosage has to be given. It is the duty of the parents or the local guardians to ensure that the oil with the form is properly delivered to the school. 


CBD oil and THC-A will now be available with 5 pharmaceutical processors which have been provisionally approved by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. These processors including one in Manassas catering to Northern Virginia will be responsible for distributing and producing oil. They will be getting their permits expectantly by the end of 2019. The oils for the purchases are likely to be available from next year’s spring or summer because policy formulation and protocols have to set straight before applying the laws.

People have attached a lot of stigma with CBD and Marijuana mainly because they are equated in use. Due to a lack of proper research data available people have little or no information about CBD which is often misjudged. CBD has a lot of hidden potentials and is touted to be one of the key ingredients in medical formulations.

It does not treat cancer but it has helped in extending the life of cancer-ridden people. Arthritis patients suffering from terrible joint pains have also benefited largely. Their pain has reduced and they have experienced a lot of relief in the overall symptoms. Epilepsy, seizures, depression, injury pain all have seen the light of days with the use of CBD. 

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The laws brought by the state are in tandem with how the world is going to go when more research studies pour in. As of now, there is little time left for making these laws a reality in the schools. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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