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Oakton Community college offering its first cannabis course covering a wide syllabus

Oakton Community college offering its first cannabis course

Cannabis has become an important component, especially after the hemp plant was made legal in 2018. People have immensely benefited from the wonders of the substance medically and emotionally. In the medical world patients suffering from epilepsy have experienced major relief from seizures. Apart from it, there have been cases of people who have also seen relief in their side-effects of cancer. The Arthritis Foundation of the USA also is seeking to pour in more funds to fund the research about cannabis for joint pains. The popularity of CBD has soared so high that people in the form of edibles consume it to catch up with their sleep. 

Recently cannabis touched another milestone when the Oakton Community College in west suburban Des Plaines started offering the first cannabis-specific academic program for students who wish to opt for it. The college has realized that there is a future in cannabis and has understood the importance of it. 

Cannabis dispensary and patient care specialist certificate that is launched at Oakton will provide relevant training and information to students who are interested in the medical marijuana industry. The response has been fairly good because currently, 100 students have signed up for the program. This was confirmed by Ruth Williams, assistant VP of academic and dean of curriculum and instruction.

The confirmation of 100 students is fixed as of now, but 400 more applications are pending for the program. The popularity has made the college decide to extend the program in spring also. Student enthusiasts from different walks of life have applied for the program and are looking forward to a promising career in the same. The syllabus covers a wide range of cannabis-related options like cannabis laws, pharmacology, business operations, first aid training and much more. 

There is a separate department called the STEM and Health in the college and its dean also is positive about the course taking off well. The Dean also is planning to extend the syllabus of the program and making it more relevant considering the future recourse. Recreational cannabis is currently missing from the program but very soon, he intends to include it in the course curriculum. This move can be taken after the complete legalization of cannabis takes place on January 1’st, 2020. 

This law will be path-breaking in the sense that it will make recreational cannabis legal in every form it is sold. Some many meetings and deliberations are taking place with the community college departments about how things can be guided forward after it becomes legal. One of the applicants of the course, Jason Reese has his hopes high. He believes that his decision to opt for the course will be an additional benefit considering his experience in the pharma industry. He is extremely happy with the way the course is moving ahead. The program according to him is well-planned, and how the professors are dynamic enough to make it even more interesting.

Cannabis Sativa is the mother plant from which hemp and marijuana are extracted. CBD is a part of the Indian hemp plant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Its relevance in the medical industry has increased because it does not result in intoxication the way marijuana does. The presence of the psychoactive compound, THC is less than 0.3% in CBD which is well within the legal limit as per the farm bill of 2018. 

But there are issues associated with cannabis and CBD currently. The tall claims made by people have used CBD in different forms and felt the difference. But, experts suggest others not to go so deep into consuming CBD because there is no scientific evidence that can corroborate these claims. People should be safe and understand that if doctors are shying away from suggesting alternative CBD related therapies, they should also shun from over-usage. 

People also attach a lot of stigma to CBD because of its affinity to marijuana. But, with such a course offered, it can increase the scope of further research. The government also has to support such research programs because these studies will help us to find out how CBD can help people recover from dangerous life-taking diseases. 

The new course is a welcome move and also will help build new careers in the industry. The course will further open doors to a wide range of opportunities even in research and will also increase the awareness levels of cannabis. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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